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October 7, 2015

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Loads of new artists have been added... take a look at catalog numbers 1500+ (new catalog numbers as opposed to old RRCA ID's). We are in the process of adding a load of new artists found from a crate of CDs sent back in the RRCA days that never got cataloged. We will resume the updating of existing entries once this is completed later this year. Also note: The 'help' menu has been updated. There are new entries but also a completely new design, same with the 'Genres' directory. You can also now directly get a list of all the genres with one clock. The general search request directory has also been updated (this occurs when you just select the 'GO' button on the main search screen). Many artists now have pictures and updated discographies as well. The help question mark symbols are bigger and the text screen is slightly wider.

Probably the biggest single upgrade was getting Google's approval as a mobile friendly site. We have worked hard to update the software. There is still more work to do, but Diskery now meets the minimum criteria!

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