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Bug Fixes --FINALLY--

August 24, 2018

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We have been busy over this summer... really giving the inner workings of Diskery a good looking at! All kinds of small "to do" projects got done... mostly 'bug fixes' (program problems corrected).

Diskery's web interface is getting very exciting for mobile users. Now an all secure connection offers you a simpler/easier to use menu allowing more room for text, and a "See More/See Less" prompt to shorten articles. Add to this, for big and small screens alike: 3D borders, custom resized images and scroll bars, I have even fixed the RANDOM ARTIST button so ALL articles can now be seen. The cursor pointer now appears on ALL images that can be resized. The CSS script has been cleaned up/made more efficient as well as some corrections to the base HTML code. Overlays for picture viewing to prevent launching new browser windows have been added as well. New band biographies were added too.

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