More Mobile Abilities and Search Methods

December 21, 2017

  • Our last post for 2017 sees us with a new Search Feature. You can now search articles like Google does right from Diskery's own search prompt. Diskery can now search through its article contents, as well as headers (as before), to find what you want. Simply enter a phrase into the search box and click on 'Search includes article descriptions'. Please see our help section on using the search prompt for details. Due to the arrival of this new feature, the Google search box will be phased out in early 2018 when we link the 'Help' documents (so they can be searched as well).

  • Follow up on the October 10 article: The Google search box cannot be fixed and will be isolated to the main search screen only... until it is phased out.

  • We have worked very hard to improve the mobile experience... closing some of the ugly errors that existed before, as well as allowing the site to adapt to more screen sizes, including very small screens, very large screens and printer devices. Still more work to do, but now most users will experience Diskery in its full glory.
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