Picture Links & Ads Away?

October 10, 2017

  • Over the past month we have had a list of computer troubles that interrupted our ability to update the database. The website worked but was not updated due to the inactivity of the 'ODIN' (central computer). The machine was almost completely rebuilt in the process - this was not voluntary! The machine stopped booting up after what we thought was a routine update. We were stuck on backup systems for nearly three weeks.

  • Our relationship with Google AdSense is coming into question, not for anything they have specifically done but for the fact that for older, slower devices the speed of loading pages due to the overhead of the ads, never mind the difficulty of us programming around them (specifically for 'responsive design') is a problem. We also do not like some of the companies that drop 'cookies' on our computers as a part of loading them! We do not make much money from the ads AT ALL either and, quite frankly... the same old boring ads are showing up. I will try to tweak the service to fix this but if I cannot then I am considering terminating it the next time Diskery needs a full renovation as we did this summer.... so change may come but not in the immediate future.

  • A new database editing client allows us to quickly and 'en mass' update records. This will speed up data entry by as much as 20% in the future is now on-line.

  • You can now click on band logos and pictures to have them enlarged on your screen!

  • The Google search bar is not working... We will look into that. It seems to only work on the main search page but nowhere else. It has been turned off for all but the main page.

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