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August 17, 2017

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Well, I guess it is time for an update. The construction on Diskery is finally coming together. Almost every system and programming function was examined. The code was streamlined so the machine executes fewer instructions to get the job done. Implementation of more HTML5/CSS3 tricks to allow even more flexibility for those of you using mobile devices (more work on this will be coming in the future, however, as a separate engineering session). Speaking of visibility on screens: those of you using high definition televisions above 1080p via a cable-internet interface, and those of you on Wi-Fi enabled tablets with 7-inch screens (resolutions 700px or less) will now see Diskery just as I do on my 24-inch desktop monitor - odd things happen on very large and very small screens... :) Although the database has to be populated, the programming is now in place for artist recording's chart placings and certification award, as well as some new navigation features on the main documentary pages. The "Links" section was removed because... well... we don't have any! Font sizes have changed also. You will also notice that the site downloads faster thanks to the new streamlined code as well as error correction and data compression routines that have also been installed into the system.

For that future engineering I mentioned, the code has also been more segmented - allowing me to remove or add/modify and find code within the more than 1000 instructions that run Diskery much more easy and thus, speeding up future construction work and new feature installation.

In short: on the surface, other than a few new features, the site LOOKS the same, but under the 'hood/bonnet' the engine has been re-rigged! Other than some remaining details, the bulk of the heavy work is done - for now - as of today!

Been working on the sidebar icons to make them more appealing (we think they might be too large). Also, added a new genre category.... 'Musician'... a simple one to identify individuals (people) listed in the archives since musicians tend to change their style from time to time, listing them in a standard genre category was unfair.

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