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March 11, 2017

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We are experimenting with Google's Custom Search feature (see it on the control pane to the right). This box will search the entire website for any content you type in it. Where-as Diskery's own search box can look for bands, dates, locations and genres and can even take you direct, Google's will search the actual content of each page to render a result; perfect for more obscure searches. Be advised, it will lead you to a result list for you to look through to click on the actual item you want (not as exact - but more thorough than our own).

Also, on the topic of Google, we have submitted a complete sitemap to them and they have archived over 1,000 of our pages - so when you search Google you are more likely to find Diskery items. This is still far less than we used to have listed with them in the old RRCA days. Please help us by making links to Diskery and your favorite listings. The more links there are to the site, the more Google sees us and the higher rankings we get in searches.

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