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A New First!
March 23, 2021

We are pleased to enter our first Mongolian band, The Hu!

We have also updated out e-commerce links to conform to the new privacy initiatives as soon is most web browser's newest versions.

The Refactor Factor
February 1, 2021

As technology changes, and our knowledge with it, the Diskery website goes under periodic updating and upgrading. Along with several new bands, and edited articles, sections of the database and application code have been updated over the past month. Although you may not notice much difference, the computer is thanking us for the better code making for less work!

"Simply" A New Feature!
August 5, 2020

Diskery is pleased to introduce a new feature: The SIMPLIFIED/PRINT VIEW. Click on this icon and the web page will appear without any "bling-bling"... a simple white background and universal font view for older systems, printers or those who have difficulty reading the website due to their screen size/design or handicap. It also features old/simpler programming code for older systems or data-restricted mobiles.

Some Programming Fixes for Small Screen Users
July 28, 2020

Major programming update... some bug fixes.. those of you with small phone screens (<450px wide) will now see the discography table display correctly. Some other fixes were rendered as well.

The Grand Re-opening!
June 17, 2020

The lock-down is ending here but at Diskery, we were not wasting time! Over the past 14 weeks we have updated almost 100 articles, added about 50 more, as well as conducted some needed maintenance and upgrades to the website programming.. oh yes, and launched our mobile app platform!!! Welcome back!!

New Platform For Music Loving App Developers: Press Release!
May 5, 2020

The Diskery On-Line Archives and Museum has released their long awaited App Development platform.

Founder/President Derek McDonald announced at 1:30PM today the Diskery (www.diskery.com) (www.diskery.co) programmers have completed lab testing of the long promised platform to allow software and device developers to link their inventions directly to the Diskery's rock music biographies and discography databases. Up until today, this was impossible, meaning the website was the only portal available. This limited outside developers who wanted their own branding or features out in the cold. For over a year and a half the environment was promised and it was finally now delivered, making Diskery one of the first – and few – music archive sites to do so. Investors have been also waiting.

Although the development platform is in its Beta test stage at the moment, it is expected to widen the access to Diskery and its contents while providing more freedom and profit to development entrepreneurs.

Is there a cost? Yes. But Diskery has suspended those costs during the Beta test period. Furthermore, any developer who is running tests on their devices using the Diskery database will never pay as fee during their test stages as long as they use pre-defined allowed URLs. "When costs do incur, we will strive to make them as minimal and as generous as possible. Such costs are incurred by us for high capacity users so we pass them on," replied Diskery founder/president Derek McDonald.

The "platform" is simply (for now) a special program stored at the Diskery URL devices access via a pre-set way to extract XML formatted data from Diskery's vast database. The program is accompanied by a user manual stored on the Diskery site. It is expected to improve with time and use.

You can find out more by reading that manual at: https://www.diskery.com/diskery_help.php?SUBJECTA=Navigating%20the%20Website&SUBJECTB=Developer%20Platform&SUBJECTC=Connecting%20Apps%20to%20Diskery

Developers who wish to participate can sign up via a simple e-mail directly to Diskery at their site or via their LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

The platform is expected to become available as early as this weekend.

The official Press Release can be found at: Mi2n.

Random Artist Button Expanded & Event Cancelled
March 31, 2020

The "Random Artist" button has now been expanded to be system wide.

We are sad to announce that because of the world pandemic, the local "Burlington Sound of Music" festival has been cancelled for 2020.

Software Upgrade
March 25, 2020

The JSON+LD descriptors have been added/updated. HTML corrections have been made in some pages of the Special Projects sections.

Image Links Updated
March 18, 2020

This entire day we spent updating the band image/picture links to standardize them and update them. We have a lot of pictures to add but they will conform to the new system.

21 year Celebration Spoiled by A World Pandemic
March 15, 2020

March 15 we celebrate the 21st anniversary of the release of Derek McDonald's THE ALLIANCE recording!
This March 15, however, has a down side. The COVID-19 virus has come to town and with it shut downs and extra precautions are in place. Diskery operates by remote and as such it will continue to operate and be maintained during this time, perhaps on modified schedules, however. We thank you for your continued support!

Repairs to Database Delay New Entries.
January 19, 2020

After several article updates over the holiday season, we have not been updating to the database over the past two weeks due to some emergency repairs. We will resume as soon as they are completed.

Diskery Adds New Music Genre!
November 3, 2019

Diskery has added Emo to the list of music genres.

Diskery Establishes LinkedIn Page!
September 28, 2019

Diskery celebrates the launch of its LinkedIn page at: https://www.linkedin.com/company/diskery as a part of our campaign to increase our social media footprint. Please check it out and follow us. Links will appear at the Diskery website once the programming team gets caught up.

First International Ad Campaign!
September 27, 2019

Diskery celebrates the launch of its first international ad campaign! Facebook offered us a trial and we took it. The ad celebrates our 20th year in operation. The idea is to get more eyes onto the site. The trial market encompasses some 29 million people (but nowhere near that will see it - that's just the general pool) in selected US states, Canadian Provinces and UK cities. More will follow if the campaign gives us satisfactory results.

First Chinese Listing!
September 24, 2019

Diskery celebrates the entry of its first band from the People's Republic of China. Long overlooked, China finally got a turn! Diskery strives to find bands to enter from all over the world. Tang Dynasty is considered the first metal band from that country. We've never made announcements about the first from a country before in the news section, but perhaps we should for the future.

Happy Birthday Diskery!!!
September 21, 2019

Diskery celebrates 20 years of operation as of today! September 21, 1999 diskery.com was registered. Now, we operated before this but under a different (unregistered) name. We have come a long way since then! Here's to ANOTHER 20 years!!! Cheers!

Database Updates Complete
August 28, 2019

We have completed the updates to the Diskery database and associated sections of the application software. This upgrade allows the band articles to be more interactive by adding hotlinks connecting directly to other artist mentioned in the article itself. You can now link while reading or view in the 'See Also' section as in the past. Upgrades to the database also included unifying the encoding system (it was a mish-mash of systems based on its evolution over time) - this will make future updates easier. The process took longer than we thought. All articles will be slowly migrated to the new system.

Diskery on Twitter
July 23, 2019

Diskery has established a Twitter account! It will serve as a new news outlet as to the happenings at Diskery. Please 'follow' us if you are a member!

Website Migration
June 23, 2019

We have been informed by the website host (the people who broadcast the Diskery website) that they will be moving the website to a new computer; the current one is old and needs replacing. This will be happening on June 26, 2019. There may be service outages during this day as work commences. Be also advised that from June 25-27 there will be no updates to the website or the database to ensure that the backup files match 100% the operational files in the event of an error so we could restore the site if needed.

DISKERY.CO Re-registration
June 5, 2019

We have formerly registered DISKERY.CO to our own name (it was provided free by the registrar) for another year. It still redirects to DISKERY.COM until we devise a more useful purpose for it; we are holding it to reserve the name.

May 9, 2019

The registrar no longer redirects DISKERY.CO to DISKERY.COM, the websites are merged and redirected at our own server. When the contract expires in 3 months we will not have to pay the $80/year redirection fee.

Finding the Last Record
May 1, 2019

A new shortcut to navigate the site database has been installed. If you enter "^LAST" (ignore the quotes) Diskery will give you the last record. Since that last record is always changng (as more entries are entered), this is a convenient way to find it. If the last record is a 'stubby' (it points to another record), Diskery will follow the link back into the database (even if it is not the last record); if the last is indeed a biography it it will be presented to you. Likewise, you can enter "^FIRST" to get the first record but this is the same as entering "^1".

Internet Outage
March 24, 2019

An Internet outage caused by our provider forced a halt to database editing. The website could still be viewed during this time as it runs on a different provider but the local access was not available. The matter took four days but resumed late Thursday. Database editing has resumed. Before the outage, however, some programming changes were also made including the repair to the Google Ads that were not showing for mobile devices, the removal of Search for Audio Links and a modification to the Search for Video Links (now merged) as well as the removal of "Membership" icon on the biography pages since it is currently not used.

Another Big Fixed and Genre Lnks Added
February 3, 2019

1) Another error was discovered, this involving all database records under 10 (1-10) when trying to navigate between them using the "FORWARD 1 BIOGRAPHY" and "BACKWARD 1 BIOGRAPHY" buttons. An error in the link caused Diskery to display the master list. It has been corrected.

2) You can now navigate (click/tap into) to the Genres menu to see the mentioned genres in the biography text... no more wondering what "Thrash Metal" or "Speed Metal" means; no need to navigate the help menus to find the definitions.

A Bug In The System!
February 1, 2019

An error was found yesterday in the Geolocate & Search by City features. It is complicated to explain but I caught it while working on another subsystem in the web site simulator. Unlike the live version, the simulator has all "safety switches" set to OFF so that the program will send an error message when it has been mis-programmed, missing data, etc... when ON the Artificial Intelligence built into the computer language interpreter/compiler (separate from that of Diskery's) will kick in and attempt to correct the error on the fly... and it was. How it fixed this was amazing as it made an assumption that an unrelated memory variable contained the data another one needed but didn't have - and so filled it. It did not affect your use of the system, however. It has been corrected.

Finally! Album Pictures!!
October 1, 2018

Diskery is pleased to announce that we now have album data and covers available! YES! Finally - we can view the stats and images of albums. To access them, enter the Discography section for an artist and then select any highlighted album title. Not all albums are yet archived but we are slowly populating the database with this new feature.

New Domain Name
September 1, 2018

Our domain registrar has a promotional event going on and has bestowed upon Diskery a new domain name. Now you can access us via the traiditional DISKERY.COM but also DISKERY.CO (note: no trailing 'M').

Bug Fixes --FINALLY--
August 24, 2018

We have been busy over this summer... really giving the inner workings of Diskery a good looking at! All kinds of small "to do" projects got done... mostly 'bug fixes' (program problems corrected).

Diskery's web interface is getting very exciting for mobile users. Now an all secure connection offers you a simpler/easier to use menu allowing more room for text, and a "See More/See Less" prompt to shorten articles. Add to this, for big and small screens alike: 3D borders, custom resized images and scroll bars, I have even fixed the RANDOM ARTIST button so ALL articles can now be seen. The cursor pointer now appears on ALL images that can be resized. The CSS script has been cleaned up/made more efficient as well as some corrections to the base HTML code. Overlays for picture viewing to prevent launching new browser windows have been added as well. New band biographies were added too.

Server Upgrades
July 12, 2018

The Apache Server software that runs Diskery has been upgraded. Broadcasting of the website was not affected but the lab computers were shut down during the upgrade. Due to a temporary misconfiguration the database was not updated for two days, however.

HTTPS Conversion Completed
June 11, 2018

HTTPS (SSL) is now the default operation for Diskery - all transfers are now secure. There is only one entry point for Diskery: https://www.diskery.com.

Electric Eye Has Been Switchd On
May 27, 2018

The new Geolocation feature has been officially switched on today! See our help section "The Electric Eye Geolocation" for information. This feature will be great for travelers.

Better Search Abilities
March 20, 2018

The Diskery search engine has been enhanced with a bit of intelligence. Is it 'Artificial Intelligence'? Well, according to the textbooks... yes, but to what degree depends on your point of view. Diskery can now search the database even when you scramble the letters of the name up completely. Now, it can still be fooled and we are working on making it even smarter but it is a start. So now you can scamble the letters, tell it some are missing, leave words incomplete and Diskery will help you. This new ability is called 'AISE' (Artificial Intelligence Search Engine).

We are also working on continuing to convert the existing system to HTML5 fully (some parts are still coded in an earlier style).

Sales of Music Again at Diskery
February 7, 2018

Since the bankruptcy of GEMM, who was an excellent revenue source for Diskery 3 years ago, we have been without an option for buying music directly from Diskery (other than a link to a general search at Google). Diskery does not stock music and merchandise but we had no ability AT ALL to get sales access to those who wanted to buy what they were looking at on their screen. We are proud to announce that Diskery has affiliated with E-Bay to offer this service. We earn a commission for each sale! 100% of money earned goes to supporting the Diskery website and collections.

New Graphics and Security
January 28, 2018

Just a quick note to say that we have a new icon, a new SEO image (the same as the icon), new navigation buttons are slowly being implimented and we also now feature SSL (Secure Socket Layer). The last one, SLL, is not really needed since we are not conducting commercial activities here but it is offered by the provider for free and will provide a sense of security for those who want (or need) to use it.

New Search Features
January 18, 2018

Welcome to a new year! There is lots of work to be done at Diskery and I have started the new year running. Several new artists and pictures have been added to the 'Lexicon' as well several new search features. I will continue to work on the features to perfect them. I have discovered most people seem to not be interested in using the shortcut 'wildcard' characters in the search box so most (not all) will be removed to be replaced by a drop-down menu. Also note: we can now post a second picture on band descriptions as well and we have a new site icon which is also available in several formats for various devices. Cheers!

More Mobile Abilities and Search Methods
December 21, 2017

  • Our last post for 2017 sees us with a new Search Feature. You can now search articles like Google does right from Diskery's own search prompt. Diskery can now search through its article contents, as well as headers (as before), to find what you want. Simply enter a phrase into the search box and click on 'Search includes article descriptions'. Please see our help section on using the search prompt for details. Due to the arrival of this new feature, the Google search box will be phased out in early 2018 when we link the 'Help' documents (so they can be searched as well).

  • Follow up on the October 10 article: The Google search box cannot be fixed and will be isolated to the main search screen only... until it is phased out.

  • We have worked very hard to improve the mobile experience... closing some of the ugly errors that existed before, as well as allowing the site to adapt to more screen sizes, including very small screens, very large screens and printer devices. Still more work to do, but now most users will experience Diskery in its full glory.

Picture Links & Ads Away?
October 10, 2017

  • Over the past month we have had a list of computer troubles that interrupted our ability to update the database. The website worked but was not updated due to the inactivity of the 'ODIN' (central computer). The machine was almost completely rebuilt in the process - this was not voluntary! The machine stopped booting up after what we thought was a routine update. We were stuck on backup systems for nearly three weeks.

  • Our relationship with Google AdSense is coming into question, not for anything they have specifically done but for the fact that for older, slower devices the speed of loading pages due to the overhead of the ads, never mind the difficulty of us programming around them (specifically for 'responsive design') is a problem. We also do not like some of the companies that drop 'cookies' on our computers as a part of loading them! We do not make much money from the ads AT ALL either and, quite frankly... the same old boring ads are showing up. I will try to tweak the service to fix this but if I cannot then I am considering terminating it the next time Diskery needs a full renovation as we did this summer.... so change may come but not in the immediate future.

  • A new database editing client allows us to quickly and 'en mass' update records. This will speed up data entry by as much as 20% in the future is now on-line.

  • You can now click on band logos and pictures to have them enlarged on your screen!

  • The Google search bar is not working... We will look into that. It seems to only work on the main search page but nowhere else. It has been turned off for all but the main page.

Construction Moving Along
August 17, 2017

Well, I guess it is time for an update. The construction on Diskery is finally coming together. Almost every system and programming function was examined. The code was streamlined so the machine executes fewer instructions to get the job done. Implementation of more HTML5/CSS3 tricks to allow even more flexibility for those of you using mobile devices (more work on this will be coming in the future, however, as a separate engineering session). Speaking of visibility on screens: those of you using high definition televisions above 1080p via a cable-internet interface, and those of you on Wi-Fi enabled tablets with 7-inch screens (resolutions 700px or less) will now see Diskery just as I do on my 24-inch desktop monitor - odd things happen on very large and very small screens... :) Although the database has to be populated, the programming is now in place for artist recording's chart placings and certification award, as well as some new navigation features on the main documentary pages. The "Links" section was removed because... well... we don't have any! Font sizes have changed also. You will also notice that the site downloads faster thanks to the new streamlined code as well as error correction and data compression routines that have also been installed into the system.

For that future engineering I mentioned, the code has also been more segmented - allowing me to remove or add/modify and find code within the more than 1000 instructions that run Diskery much more easy and thus, speeding up future construction work and new feature installation.

In short: on the surface, other than a few new features, the site LOOKS the same, but under the 'hood/bonnet' the engine has been re-rigged! Other than some remaining details, the bulk of the heavy work is done - for now - as of today!

Been working on the sidebar icons to make them more appealing (we think they might be too large). Also, added a new genre category.... 'Musician'... a simple one to identify individuals (people) listed in the archives since musicians tend to change their style from time to time, listing them in a standard genre category was unfair.

Icons & People
May 17, 2017

Been working on the sidebar icons to make them more appealing (we think they were too large). Also, added a new genre category.... 'Musician'... a simple one to identify individuals (people) listed in the archives since musicians tend to change their style from time to time, listing them in a standard genre category was unfair.

What Type of Recording is It?
April 18, 2017

The feature that tells you the type of recording is now active... 'Single/album/EP...' etc. Before, it was part of the album title (to distinguish it) but now it is a separate table entry the way it was originally intended.

March 11, 2017

We are experimenting with Google's Custom Search feature (see it on the control pane to the right). This box will search the entire website for any content you type in it. Where-as Diskery's own search box can look for bands, dates, locations and genres and can even take you direct, Google's will search the actual content of each page to render a result; perfect for more obscure searches. Be advised, it will lead you to a result list for you to look through to click on the actual item you want (not as exact - but more thorough than our own).

Also, on the topic of Google, we have submitted a complete sitemap to them and they have archived over 1,000 of our pages - so when you search Google you are more likely to find Diskery items. This is still far less than we used to have listed with them in the old RRCA days. Please help us by making links to Diskery and your favorite listings. The more links there are to the site, the more Google sees us and the higher rankings we get in searches.

January 18, 2017

The active dates have been re-programmed so they are now on a less confusing single line... much more traditional display method. You can still search on individual dates, however. Add to that, two new columns have been added to the database for album discographies. You do not see them yet as they need to be added but they include chart listings for both UK and US.

December 4, 2016

A whole bunch of modifications has been done to the system. For starts: no more 'stubby' records!. The system will now redirect you instead of dropping you on a blank record. Some cosmetic changes have been made as well as some cleaning up of the database including removing bad links, specifically in the 'See Also' section! This will conclude the engineering work on the website for 2016, other than the on-going page updates we will see you in the New Year. Early in the New Year we will begin work on how the 'active dates' are displayed.

November 27, 2016

Finally! How you search the articles on Diskery has been updated. No more clicking on radio buttons or searching charts. It works much like Google's system. Just type and let it figure it out for you. To see all the details, please see the updated help files on the subject.

November 1, 2016

To speed up the website and reduce data-use (expecially for mobile users) the long project of converting of the band images to smaller sizes and less data-sizes has been completed, although individual cases still may need some attention.

September 30, 2016

For some time there has been an issue with text characters not rendering themselves correctly on screens of viewers of this website. The problem has been found and corrected. This problem resulted from an incompatibility error between the default text encoding scheme used by the SQL database and that of the web server. The problem has been resolved by the insertion of a translation function in the script that runs the website.

August 18, 2016

We are looking at reprogramming the search box interface (where you type the name or ID# of the band you want to see on the site) so that you no longer have to use the advanced search options if you don't want to... (More natural - like Google's works); a more intelligent search mechanism by default.

July 29, 2016

The operating system on the central computer has been updated and all needed applications have been installed/re-installed. The work on the systems are now complete. Work on the backups will begin soon but this will not be an issue to the website operations. Starting on Sunday (July 31) we will resume full operations on the website, including database updates and we expect that by Monday it will be business as usual except for a backlog of work that needs to be done.

As a further update: Diskery has been tested on Microsoft's new 'Edge' browser and it worked well within specifications and we will now be testing the website on that web browser, along with Chrome and Firefox. Also, the Oracle Virtual Machine/Virtual Box has been installed allowing us to centralize multiple operating systems testing and development onto a single computer.

May 5, 2016

  • The replacement of the disk units will be conducted this weekend. Diskery database will be operating in "read only" mode from approximately 7:30PM Friday May 6, 2016 until 5PM Monday May 9, 2016 for this process. No requests for updates will be honored during this time. Also, no e-mail will be replied to during this time.

  • A new feature has been added to allow you to move down one record or up one record when reading an artist biography. This feature makes it easier for causal viewers to move between articles instead of having to return to the search page each time.

April 11, 2016

Two new features have been added to the site: A button to allow you to print the artist biography you are looking at, as well as a button to allow you to make a link to an artist page.

Due to a database IDE malfunction we have been forced to update the IDE sooner than planned and had to rig up a system to get the IDE to work... it now works. In unrelated event the Computer BIOS chip was updated today in preparation for the expected total system OS upgrade later this summer. This total system upgrade will, if working, replace several old computers and amalgamate their work into one centralized larger one.

More tech news... Loads of upgraded software has been installed into the system, including a new mail management program, new word processing and accounting software and soon we will upgrade the SQL database development system. In the near future, Disk units C,D & E as well as the RAID software and RAID disk unit will need to be replaced as the units currently installed are now 8 years old - well past their 'best by' date!! If the main system is to keep running for another several years (this is the plan as the upgrades are cheaper than getting a whole new system) we need to replace these before they fail. Also, some of these need to be upgraded because we simply need more storage space and newer software for an eventual operating system update as well. Add to this, a Virtual Machine (a type of emulation software) will be installed so that future upgrades can be done quicker - allowing us to test the systems in an environment that will isolate changes from the main computer in the event they do not work - right now we are systematically upgrading on a live and working system, so we need to go with caution. The next phase is planned to begin in approx. 2 months, the website will continue to function but database updates may be slower than expected.

March 24, 2016

Some techno news... As you know Diskery has been undergoing a major technological upgrade over the past long while and now the effects are starting to be seen. Reality is upon us, folks and it is getting very difficult to continue compatibility with legacy (a.k.a. "old") technologies while using the new.

Internet Explorer is no longer made by Microsoft, there is some new version for Win10. At Diskery we have not moved onto Win10 yet, but IE has so many exceptions to standard web programming that extra time is spent in ensuring those using it can see Diskery the way others do. As of June 1, 2016, we will no longer be testing to see if Diskery renders properly on the screens of IE users. If you are using IE we ask you change to a new browser. Diskery is thoroughly tested for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Both are free applications. The last versions of IE (9-11) will continue to work correctly -- for now -- but we no longer will test for them.

It's sad but true. I remember starting in computers when dial up at 300bps to a private computer (no internet) over a telephone was the norm. Today high speed wireless at megabytes per second is the minimum. Dial up is still used as backup entry by providers to internet users when the main lines fail. It is also used in private computer-to-computer communications as well as in remote areas where high speed fiber-optics have not yet been installed - but for the vast majority of users it is obsolete - dial up modems are not even installed into computers anymore (although the connections on the circuit boards still exist). Part of Diskery's mandate is to be accessible to as many people as possible but support for slow systems is becoming problematic. If you need to use dial up to access Diskery, you are already finding it takes a long time to download the picture content; this will be getting worse as we will no longer be testing for download time. Images will now be downsized, not with transmission time in mind, but for efficient storage on the server as well as for wireless users (such as Smart Phones) where the amount of data transferred is more of an issue than the speed it is sent. If you cannot switch over to high speed connections - the text on Diskery as well as the Java, PHP and database programming will still run for you but the pictures will increasingly delay the time it takes for the site to execute on your computer - the fix: set your Browser's preferences to NOT display picture content. This takes effect June 1, 2016.

January 26, 2016

Corrected entries in the database where the artist name contains special characters incompatible with browser's URL resolving mechanism causing exception errors or incomplete links.

October 7, 2015

Loads of new artists have been added... take a look at catalog numbers 1500+ (new catalog numbers as opposed to old RRCA ID's). We are in the process of adding a load of new artists found from a crate of CDs sent back in the RRCA days that never got cataloged. We will resume the updating of existing entries once this is completed later this year. Also note: The 'help' menu has been updated. There are new entries but also a completely new design, same with the 'Genres' directory. You can also now directly get a list of all the genres with one clock. The general search request directory has also been updated (this occurs when you just select the 'GO' button on the main search screen). Many artists now have pictures and updated discographies as well. The help question mark symbols are bigger and the text screen is slightly wider.

Probably the biggest single upgrade was getting Google's approval as a mobile friendly site. We have worked hard to update the software. There is still more work to do, but Diskery now meets the minimum criteria!

March 26, 2014
  • A real effort now underway to update the discographies.
  • Diskery's address is moving to Burlington, ON. This May.

October, 14, 2014

Yggdrasil and Primordial now added to Diskery.

August 7, 2014

Diskery had one of the feature headlines at Mi2n! Check it out: AN OLD ACT REFORMS


August 1, 2014: Welcome to the new Diskery... "Diskery 2.0"! A LOT of time and effort went into the new design. Now using updated versions of HTML & CSS, not to mention new database software/programming with several new articles/entries.

Feel free to browse around. Please remember, we have not finished the site yet. What you see is the main/base components and more is to come so forgive us if features are not running or complete... YET! We have also spent a considerable amount of time updating the entries in the database but since (currently) there are over 1500 of them, it will take much more time! We still have a lot of work to do! During the conversion of the old database to the new, errors arose in editing and text, add to that the fact that the site was down for an entire year means that many entries are out of date or to-be added. We also plan to expand/improve the Links, Genres and Help databases and pages as well. Please be patient as we cure these growing pains. As a point of reference you can check out: Iron Maiden, Dimmu Borgir, Deathstars, Dragonforce, Penetrator, AC/DC, Enslaved, Slayer, Metallica, Teratism, KISS, Guns N' Roses, Rush, Anvil, Infernal Majesty, Dark Funeral, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Ozzy Osbourne (as well as many others) to see what the completed page looks like thus far.

The database is very Heavy Metal genre centric today, and although we plan to maintain this love of that genre and it will be prominently represented, we are expanding into other genres of rock music as well, so please be patient and do not be afraid to suggest new bands in all genres of rock music.

Access to this site is 100% free to you the visitor. It is impossible to see everything in one sitting so please visit as often as you like.

This is one of the oldest music sites on the internet, to learn about our history see the Diskery History section in our Help FAQ section.

Our new Diskery design is responsive to adapt to the size of your device screen (mobile devices), is faster, has a larger database, new sleek modern look emphasizing the simplicity - much in the style of Google.

A whole new help system is available, please consult this if you need help.
New e-mail addresses.
Now you can search automatically on GEMM, YouTube and Ticketmaster for your favorite artist's CDs, videos and concert tickets respectively.

Nonetheless, sit back, relax and enjoy the new Diskery. If you find errors or can think of features and improvements, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The "official" press release:


For over 15 years Diskery.com under the leadership first of the RRCA (Rock Record Collectors Association) and then as a division of Emperor Multimedia Corp., and under the stewardship (both times) of Oakville, Ontario's Derek McDonald promoted, sold and archived big name and indie rock bands alike until its demise in December of 2012. But one of the oldest music related websites on the internet is poised to return to a computer near you!

McDonald gathered up the remaining resources, updated them with new looks, new features and new technologies to start fresh, and this August 1st, 2014 the general public will once again have the opportunity to enjoy the vast archives of Diskery. No longer selling music, Diskery remains as a "Museum and Archive" free of charge to artists and the public alike, the revenues strictly coming from advertising, side projects (both music and non-music related) and promotion. The term "Museum and Archives" McDonald explains, "it represents the past and future combined. On the site you will see biographies of artists from the past, but we are progressive in 'archiving' the up-and-coming acts of today; a continuous and unbroken line."

The new Diskery (dubbed "Diskery v2.0") is a compilation of articles, photos and biographies explaining the careers of more than 1,500 acts (at present count) and growing at exponential speed. Unlike other encyclopedic or archive sites, Diskery is dedicated to just music; rock music specifically. Traditionally dealing with hard rock and metal acts (which constitute most of the present database) but the mandate has expanded and in the near future a visitor can expect to see more acts archived from the 50's & 60's right up to modern pop music staples, although heavy metal and hard rock will always be a front and center feature.

A bonus feature is the new Diskery system is mobile, using new technologies that make the site work better on mobile devices than the old ever did. Have the latest browser, though. CSS3 & HTML5 are fully implemented.

The new Diskery site offers the visitor an all-in-one music experience. The database automatically links to an artist biography with connections that allow you to view the membership (past and present), link to buy tickets, see band photos, links to Youtube (and other video sites) to watch videos and hear audio all in a simple, user friendly interface based on simplicity and efficiency. A note to folks re-visiting from the past, the "Special Projects" section looks exactly the way the old system did a year and a half ago as they chose (for the present) to leave it as-is. Not all articles have been updated, nor are all features on-line yet, but they are coming and the public, as well as artists, are welcome to donate material to the project. But do not fear, currently there is enough to keep even the savvy rock fan interested.

Check out Diskery at: https://www.diskery.com after Aug. 1!

Alternate Diskery Site Logo

Alternate Diskery Site Logo