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Why was I 'Redirected' on My Search

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AISE: Redirected from...
The name you typed was found in the Diskery database but there is no article under that name; the history of that artist is included in the article now on your screen - Diskery knows that and sent you here instead. It knows this because it encountered what we call a 'Stubby Record'. The process is automatic and you cannot override it.

AISE: A modification was placed on your search request
Diskery recognized what you typed and sent you to the article under that artist's official name as archived in Diskery. Often band names are abbreviated or known under a different name or are commonly misspelled and since it is inefficient to store a separate record for each variation, Diskery links all variations to one article. You typed one of the known variations into the search box and Diskery corrected it.

AISE: modified your entry to compute the closest match
You entered garbled text into the search box, perhaps transposed letters or put a space in the wrong spot, etc. The Diskery AI algorithm (AISE) detected this and attempted to correct the text to match an entry in the database; if multiple entries found, if offers a choice. You must have entered the true letters used and the correct amount else it will not be sure and simply say that it could not find a match.

What is a Stubby Record?
A 'Stubby Record' is any record to which a redirection is used instead of a description. The redirection occurs because the information relating to this artist/band is contained within the description of another act or under another name in the database. They were used quite commonly in the original RRCA database and we inherited the process from them. Stubby Records are needed as they act as placeholders when artists have performed during their lives under many names/bands. The latest versions of Diskery still have these 'Stubby Records' but it redirects you automatically from them when they are encountered.

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