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Who is the 'Computer Lady'

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Let's call her 'Margaret' for lack of a known name.

Who is she? Beats us! Not even sure if she was ever real. We found her at a website documenting Commodore Computers and suspect she was originally featured as part of some old magazine ad. Nonetheless, being huge Commodore fans we simply found the picture adorable and salivated at the opportunity to use it, so here she is!

Margaret is standing next to a Commodore PET computer model 3032, a machine that would have been brand new back in 1978! Here at Diskery 'HQ' there is a 1983 model Commodore 64 on display owned by Diskery founder Derek McDonald; a machine he learned computers on many... many... years ago, so this was classic material! She is featured on any technical page here at Diskery, including (and especially) ones posted due to a user or system error (sorry, the resolution isn't any better).

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