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We get this question a lot! We do not stream music or videos directly to you. Now, although in many countries, including our own, this practice is a questionable area of law (or outright perfectly legal) it does bring up some moral issues, not to mention other legal rights artists and their representatives may have over their works not protected by federal statutes (such as private law suits). Here at Diskery, we do not want this sort of headache, so we simply do not stream anything to you unless we have legal license to do so or the work has been released to the 'public domain' or 'creative commons'. No! You are not missing anything when you cannot see links to music or videos. What links you do see referencing music and videos will take you to other sites that may provide this service, and although we try to ensure those sites are operating legally, their service is not our responsibility and we are well within our rights to link where we wish - so please use these links within your own regulations and values. If you wish to see samples of an artist's work you may do so by selecting the 'Find Video Clip' and 'Find Audio Clip' icons present at each artist's article - be advised the hosting site may or may not find a video/audio. Diskery does not store any audio or video content on its servers with the exception of a handful that we obtained licenses for.

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