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The AISE (pronounced as 'ACE' - as in to say "the ace of spades") stands for Artificially Intelligent Search Engine. It is an algorithm (set of instructions) in the Diskery/Lexicon software that processes such things as when the user adds ',the', the wildcard characters ('*' and '?'), phrases requests in the form of certain types of questions, deciphers scrambled text, fixes missing characters/added characters, looks in the database for common misspellings of names, etc. It is the pre-processor before the actual search happens and helps makes input easier. If "Diskery" is the website and "Lexicon" is the database and its application program that manipulates it then "AISE" is the processor/brain.

Whether AISE is actually artificial intelligence or not is up for debate in academic textbooks, nonetheless it does endow Diskery with clever ways of making the website easier to use. AISE is not designed to replace your input or to second guess it, AISE is an assistant that corrects common data entry errors. AISE's algorithm's precision can be adjusted but currently it is at 87%, that means that if it is 87% sure (or greater) that it has the correct answer it will display the result. AISE can be fooled and it makes mistakes and sometimes, like a human, it just isn't quite sure of the answer. Just remember also that if you feed it gibberish then it will give you gibberish.

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