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The Discography page offers a summary table of the artist's recordings. All recordings mentioned in the artist's main article are in the list, as well as selected others. The list may also provide publication dates, recording formats, chart positioning and certification awards. At present not all have associated dates, awards and chart positions, but as we get caught up, they will.

The chart positions are for UK and US only and list the highest (at time of writing) position the recording achieved. The chart positions are usually related to the 'Billboard Charts' unless not available. The award certifications are for US only since this is the largest consumer market and producer of entertainment and as such the numbers required to gain the award are higher than any other nation. If an album's chart position is not listed (the table will show either a '0' or a '-') it means either the album did not chart high enough (below 500) or we just haven't gotten to entering it yet.

Most of the world uses the US definitions of the certification names, the difference being the number of sales needed to achieve the award (lower) except for Croatia, European Union and UK where there is a 'Silver' award before 'Gold'; the UK, like many countries also have no 'Diamond'. In the case of the EU their sales figures match the US, but they have no 'Gold' award.

Certification Award Levels




(Not sales based)

(Diskery uses US sales & certifications since it is the largest consumer market);
(* Only selected 'Singles' are listed)

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