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The website is adaptive to the size of the user's screen, most especially on mobile devices and uses a data compaction and correction system to speed up processing and transmission.

Best results are obtained with screens 640 pixels or higher in resolution. This size is most commonly associated with tablets, laptops, desktops and televisions. If you are using devices with screens smaller than this, we are working on getting the website to fit, in the meantime you may have to shift the screen left or right to see its parts; all the data will be there, just smaller as well. If you rotate your screen's orientation, the website will reload and reconfigure itself to your new screen size; if you are watching a video or audio, however, the video or audio may restart.

It is important to note that to see the website properly you need to use your device's browser as opposed to the 'Internet Viewer' application, since the viewer does not have the complete capabilities to run the site as intended.

All of this only applies to Diskery itself, linking to websites from Diskery may render different results at those sites.

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