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Accessibility View (also known as the 'Simple/Print View') is a web site option that will display the site using the minimal programming needed to transmit it to you, as well as the minimal of styling. The idea behind this mode is to make the website friendly for printers, users of small screens (as often found on mobile devices), e-reading devices for the hard of sight, slow connections, or older technology that renders older HTML script easier or faster. The view also strips of the website of all the interactive 'bling-bling' and coloring that such devices sometimes find difficult to deal with. Although the Diskery "standard view" has accessibility features, there are cases when these are not enough. In this setting/mode you can navigate between the content as you would via the "Standard" view except conduct searches - this functionality will be coming soon.

This setting/mode can be accessed at the top of each content page as "Switch to Accessibility View", on the side-bar as "Accessibility & Printer" (large screen only) or the "Simple/Print View" button (mobile only).

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