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Using the Old RRCA File Codes

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The "OLD RRCA File Codes" is what is known in the computer industry as a 'Depreciated Value', in legal terms they call it 'Grandfathered Over'. All politically correct speech for "IT'S OBSOLETE BUT FOR SOME REASON PEOPLE ARE STILL USING IT!"

In short, these old catalog numbers exist because of previous technology. Back when Diskery first started, we inherited the RRCA's file system, established by Emperor Multimedia Corporation back in 1998. The codes could tell the database operators the internal classification of the recording. 'ERC' was their own, made by Emperor, where as 'UC' denoted one purchased outside the company and 'REV' was one sent to the archives by a band or label for promotional purposes. The numbers progressed sequentially based on when the recording entered the database. The numbers were MINIMUM 5 digits long and padded with 0's like this: ERF00076.

This may work well when you need to scan a database using older computer technology and then find the physical recording on a shelf, but it makes no sense when the public is trying to find them on-line only and where there may not be any physical disc on file. Since we no longer keep a physical archive as a requirement for entry into the database, we abandoned this system when we re-constructed the database.

These numbers still exist for people and automated devices that have relied on them over the past 25 or so years but please be advised we will no longer be assigning them to anything new that enters the database and we encourage you to switch to using the 'New Reference Code' (a.k.a. 'Diskery ID') which is in simple integer number format - ideal for computers! Be also advised that future versions of Diskery may not support this feature. Do not use them for any future development! As of Diskery 2.5 the RRCA numbers are no longer listed when search requests result in a list. But they remain in the individual records and can still be used for search input.

File record #: 22

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