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Unfortunately it is true that in a system as complex as Diskery there will be both electronic and human errors. Everything from outdated information of an artist, spelling and type-o's to the database failing to connect or icons and links missing.

If you find an error, first... press the RESET icon on your browser to ensure it was not a mis-load/communications error, if the problem is still there then please e-mail us and describe what you were doing at the website and exactly where the error is so our IT 'Nerds' can have a look. If all you are doing is requesting an update/correction to an article then please also e-mail us and explain what article and what needs fixing/updating: see our section Request an Update to an Article for more information on that procedure.

BE ADVISED: It is best to have the latest web browser running when using Diskery. Users of older versions (especially IE pre v9.0) WILL run into issues displaying the website due to the advanced code we are using.

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