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In the new Diskery, we decided to keep the screen layout simple and as international as possible. As such we looked high and low to find icons that would be universally understood with as few words as possible needed for those who do not speak English fluently. Only the icons currently available on that page will appear.

Offers trivia information on the subject it appears beside - if in the right pane (sidebar), it directs you to the information page on our website
Establishes an e-mail form
Connects to the Database
Allows you to get help on the subject matter beside the icon - if icon is in right pane then it enters the general help database
Makes you aware of some legal or technical information you should be aware of with this feature - if in right pane, it directs you to the website's general legal page
News and update information
Our Facebook link
Our list of website links
Web pages dedicated to past projects and those we are working on
The resume of the man that built Diskery (shameless self promotion)
Takes you to the section of the database dedicated to listing the individual members of a band (not always available)
Takes you to the section of the database dedicated to listing the discography of the band
Either Displays a Video Clip featuring the artist or takes you to Youtube to view the video (not always available)
Displays an Audio Clip featuring the artist. (not always available)
Takes you to the Ticketmaster website to purchase tickets to see the displayed artist

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