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Connecting Apps to Diskery

Diskery is opening its platform to developers. Now you are free to integrate Diskery's database into anything you choose to innovate. This file is a general Q&A session for such developers and, along with the database help system here at the Diskery website, is the only user manual available. Be advised, this service is very much under development and this text may change at any time without notice.

Let it be known that the term "App Environment" is to mean the diskery_App.php software application and this service.

Let it be known that the term "App Developer" is to mean the user/subscriber to this service.

Is There Help Agents Available if I Get Stuck?
No. This file is a general Q&A session for App Developers and, along with the database help system here at the Diskery website, is the only user assistance available. As a developer, you are expected to know what you are doing.

Is There A Cost?
Yes. There is an annual fee planned for the use of the service simply because App Developers are considered 'corporate users' and therefore are expected to be accessing the system more often than a causal person using their web browser. Such access invokes more cost to us, so we pass this back to you. Also, it is a matter of fairness in that you are using our system and presumably making money by selling your App or service to end customers. This fee is a sliding scale depending on your average usage of our systems. The starting (lowest) fee is $20 (US)/mo. and increases in $5/mo. increments there-after. Minimum is 6 months. This fee is subject to change and has not yet been finalized. Payment is always up-front. There is no discount for charity, government or business size since the cost is so low to start.

This fee is NON REFUNDABLE. Therefore if you cancel, you do not get the money back; there is no pro-rating.

Be Advised: Because we are in the Beta testing version of the App Environment all fees are temporarily suspended. However, you WILL be expected to begin payments in the future but may cancel if you choose; you will be given notice and ample time to pay.

Note also: because this service is also in the Beta Test stages, there is no guarantee of service.

Are There Limits on Who Can Access the Service?
Yes. Any organization who promotes hate, racism, political parties, organized crime, any direct competitor to Diskery, hackers, you are located in any nation which does not recognize and enforce international copyright treaties, or those who have previously been banned from Diskery where the ban persists. We may exclude any one, or any organization for any reason, even beyond this list with or without cause.

You may not make any attempts to hack, reverse engineer, modify or redistribute the Diskery database or its source code, including this App Environment.

Can I Get Access to the App Source Code?
No. It is a proprietary system.

Is There A Cost While I am Developing My App?
There is no fee charged to you during your development stage. Indeed, anyone accessing record ID=0 (NAME=EXAMPLE BAND) or record ID=* (NAME=RANDOM BAND) pays no fee as these are considered the test, or 'example', records and you can access it all you like to test your application. These will allow your App to have access to all possible types of responses for testing purposes. For more information on URL's and response output, see Connecting to Diskery? later in this document.

What Access to Copyright Material Do I Have?
Diskery, its contents and the App Environment are under copyright.

With payment of your membership fee you have re-broadcast rights on the material your App accesses. This right does not extend to modification of the data beyond the technological restrictions imposed by your device or where content is simply not needed (removing a picture because you don't have room, prefer another in your own archive, or lowering its resolution are permitted, likewise is truncating the length of an article, or using selected sections of it. Modifying the image or text outright are not allowed unless mandated by law).

You may not claim, nor lead anyone to believe you are staking claim, control or ownership over any of the material you obtain from Diskery, unless you honestly have certification to such claim (you are the copyright owner, for example).

Be advised: Diskery often uses content provided by others and these rights may be limited to you on some articles. USE COMMON SENSE when selecting what material to use. Although the text is owned by Diskery, images and video content may not be. Items under CC (Creative Commons), Public Domain, or on direct ownership or license to Diskery are safe, other content licensed only do Diskery for use, or Diskery uses under 'fair use' exemption may not apply to you and not be safe for you to use. When in doubt ask us, ask the owner, or don't use it! Diskery simply provides access to the content, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY VIOLATIONS OF COPYRIGHT THAT HAPPEN BECAUSE OF THE USE OF MATERIAL ON YOUR APP. This means, if someone tries to sue us because their material is on your App, you have to pay the settlement and legal costs!

You MUST declare/credit, in a reasonable manner, the name/source of the material you use. Under normal circumstances this is provided in your data stream from Diskery.

While you may charge fees for the purchase or use of your App, you not permitted to charge any fee for access to the Diskery material itself, or to have any method or text that indicates directly or indirectly that a user is paying anything extra for access to Diskery data.

As a part of your license, you MUST use the Diskery logo on your device or its software. Where you are using Diskery as one of multiple input sources for your App, you must explicitly state Diskery as the source for data received from Diskery. Your license allows you use of the Diskery logo. Use the official logo, do not create any variation of your own.

You DO NOT have rights to archive, store, and redistribute (beyond the confines of your device) any material you find at Diskery. This is a ONE TIME LICENSE that permits its use for the device you have stated you are requiring it for. You are free to make as many duplications/subscriptions to your device or service as you like, and are free to update your device to new versions as much as you like as long as those modifications are a clear straight line back to the original device/software/invention. For example: a fictional device called DISK-PAD, a mobile wireless 'jukebox' spawns a new version next year: DISK-PAD2. This is allowed as one device is the child/next generation of the previous. Your license would not extend to a wholly unrelated device called DISK-4-CAR, a device that links the radio to Diskery content, however. It's not the name of the device, it's the intended function: One is carried by hand, the other is installed in a car and has a different use of the data.

Connecting to Diskery?
Connecting to Diskery using your App involves using an 'HTTPS' (web style) connection. Although you can do this using a URL GET method, it is highly recommended and more secure if you use POST. For added security, it is highly recommended you use the secure (HTTPS) protocol as opposed to HTTP. DISKERY IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR USER SECURITY!

If successful, Diskery will respond with a flat UTF-8 text stream formatted in XML. Most web development languages (JavaScript, PHP, Python, etc...) all have built in access and parsing functions for this very purpose. The method is exactly the same used by Google Maps, if you need an example of reference.

The App connection URL is:

PARAMETERS must be the following:

  • These parameters may appear in any order.
  • All parameters are alpha-numeric.
  • All parameters are UPPER CASE.
  • If you use NAME, you cannot use ID or vice versa (only one of each can appear).
  • USERPASS & USERNAME must conform to the name and password for the application device maker as defined in your application for membership. This is for the DEVICE manufacturer. Individual user access will be control by you and your device.
  • All other parameters are optional. The minimal required is USERNAME, USERPASS, NAME (or ID).
Example URL: Band&COUNTRY=USA&USERPASS=Example1&USERNAME=AppDeveloperName

NAMEName or artist as they appear in the Diskery database.
IDDatabase Record ID of Artist as it appears in the Diskery database.
COUNTRYCountry of origin as it appears in the Diskery database.
CITYCity and governmental territory as they appear in the Diskery database, comma separated (as in: "Toronto, Ontario" or "San Francisco, California").
GENRENAMEGenre as it appears in the Diskery database (example: "Death Metal").
OPDATESArtists active (or "operational") dates (example: 1981-1985, 2002, 2005-). OPDATES is forgiving, as long as you list one date in the stream it will pass the test ("1981").
RRCAIDDatabase RRCAID as it appears in the Diskery database. Not all records have this as it is a depreciated item no longer added to new articles.

During the development stage of your App, Diskery has a few pre-programmed URLs useful for testing purposes. You may use these as often and when ever you like to avoid any count on your monthly usage.

The test URLS possible are: BAND BAND*
The difference between NAME=RANDOM BAND and NAME=EXAMPLE BAND are RANDOM BAND generates a REAL database entry from Diskery at random (you have no control over what appears), where-as EXAMPLE BAND generates a pre-fabricated (made up) entry pre-programmed into the programming that represents a typical database entry (the EXAMPLE BAND is actually a copy of ID record 1, "Penetrator" as seen in the database). 0 is the numerical equivalent of EXAMPLE BAND and * is the symbolic equivalent of RANDOM BAND. Entry of either of these ignores any other parameters (including password) you may enter.

Connecting to Diskery > Searching the Database?
Unlike users on the website who have the advantage of the AI interpreter, your App has to provide this functionality itself so Diskery does not interfere with your own programming efforts. Without the AI you will have to conduct direct searches on record ID numbers or names using correct spelling. All punctuation marks are removed (apostrophe, dash, dots, quotes, asterisk, slash, etc...); only alpha-numeric are allowed (A-Z,0-9). The search engine will also remain case insensitive but will not conduct spell correction or 'closest match guess' as its website counterpart does. Furthermore, SQL commands are 'sanitized' (removed) to prevent Injection attempts.

What Does Diskery Output?
Assuming your request was successful, the engine will respond with:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
The data stream will always close with:

Between the tags will be the requested content formatted in XML.

Diskery's response will only contain the elements for which it has data for. For example: if it doesn't have information on the artist's web URL, it will not be sent to you, nor will the associated tags:

Successful capture of URL data will look like:

If Diskery cannot find data for this field it will not send:
<WWW></WWW> simply sends nothing and skips to the next tag.

All data returned will be formatted/substituted for XML, therefore:

< = &lt;
& = &amp;
> = &gt;
" = &quot;
' = &apos;

A word about the <Version> tags:


The numbers contained between these tags rarely change, but they are variable and will change as we update the system. All are in the format: "Version.Revision.Patch:Build".

Version_Diskery: Refers to the Website version ID itself.
Version_App: Refers to the App Environment program version.
Version_Data: Refers to the version of the database (Lexicon) Diskery is using.

All are important for all will remain compatible within one full version. So when 2.2.5:20200219 switches to 3.0.0:0 (or bigger) you might discover your App will no longer work. Likewise for 1.0.0:1 to 2.0.0:0, etc. In the event you do not receive notification of changes, it is important your App check this each time it accesses the database and have contingency (back up) programming in the event it is caught with a new number. Word to the wise: make your App use only the features it needs to ensure the most basic compatibility, "Less is More!". For example, if you keep your App (at time of this writing) compatible to the features of Diskery version 2.0.0:0 you are ensured it will work until 3.0.0:0 arrives (and will most probably be compatible there too).

The last component of the version identifiers, the 'Build' (20200219), is unimportant for your App for compatibility and can be ignored. The others are used to identify new or depreciated features, bug fixes, etc.

List of Error Codes
Diskery responds with the following codes. It always responds with a verbose and a numerical value. Except for 0 these are fatal and cause your search to fail:

<Status>Unable to access database</Status><StatusNo>1</StatusNO>
<Status>...not found with paremeters specified</Status><StatusNo>5</StatusNO>
<Status>Database malfunction</Status><StatusNo>6</StatusNO>
<Status>Closed for maintenance</Status><StatusNo>7</StatusNO>
<Status>Invalid Name or Password</Status><StatusNo>10</StatusNO>
<Status>Temporarily removed</Status><StatusNo>100</StatusNO>
<Status>Permanently removed</Status><StatusNo>101</StatusNO>
<Status>Invalid Input Characters</Status><StatusNo>102</StatusNO>
<Status>Not for App Transmission</Status><StatusNo>103</StatusNO>
Other code numbers are internal, reserved or not yet assigned.

Diskery can also generate non-fatal notices in the same format as errors. These occur when the Diskery search engine modified your search input, but ultimately found it:

<Notice>Search was modified</Notice><NoticeNo>1</NoticeNo>
<Notice>Search based on Album Name</Notice><NoticeNo>3</NoticeNo>
<Notice>Search was Redirected</Notice><NoticeNo>4</NoticeNo>

What Does the Total Output Look Like?
This is for the band PENETRATOR (ID=1). This band is also ID=0 (a.k.a. NAME=EXAMPLE BAND):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Dash_Last_Update>2020-04-24 15:30:13</Dash_Last_Update>
<Dash_City>Toronto, Ontario</Dash_City>
<Dash_Genre>Power Metal</Dash_Genre>
<Image_Caption1>Maxel Black of Penetrator during the &apos;Adultress&apos; video shoot.</Image_Caption1>
<Text_Summary>Penetrator (2003-2007): a Power Metal band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.</Text_Summary>
Toronto, Canada&apos;s Penetrator would perform a style of music not normally seen in those parts: power metal. Their line-up would debut with an impressive pedigree featuring: &quot;Bulldog&quot; Bess Ross, Maxel Black, Glen Drover, David T. Green, and Simon Vanderzand. Penetrator would arrive with their debut Unleash The Fury (2004) and a 6-week US tour in March 2005, then a European Tour that July under the band management of Toronto&apos;s &apos;Metal Queen&apos;. Their self-titled release would follow in mid 2005 as a re-badged version of Unleash The Fury, now as self-titled, on Greece&apos;s &apos;Sonic Age Records&apos;. The label would also release a promo EP of the same name featuring album tracks 1, 2 &amp; 4 only. Their debut video, Adulteress, would follow that same year when &quot;Ogie Dawg&quot; (Real Name: Brian Murphy) took over from Vanderzand. Vanderzand would be back, however, for the recording of their 2006 independent opus Voo Doom. Redge Adolph would take the drum stool after the album recording. Green would also leave soon after.\n\nAs it would happen the band was out of commission for almost a year, at least to the public eye, when Green would return, as well as Vanderzand, at least for live shows. But live shows were slow in coming at this stage and when the Metal Church show in Toronto was cancelled for January of 2007 the band essentially imploded with Green, Vanderzand and Black leaving within short order of each other.\n\nMaxel Black was already courting a new thrash metal styled band dubbed Krakatoa (named after the famous volcano) featuring also T.C. Smith (guitars), Frankie Caracci (guitars), Fernando Villalobos (drums) and eventually Darryl Cowgill (bass), a band who made their public debut at the Gladstone Hotel ballroom on January 20th, 2007. Penetrator was officially declared dead two weeks later.\n\nThe individual bios:\nLeft-handed &quot;Bulldog&quot; Bess Ross (ex-Anvil (on their Metal On Metal album as a song writer)/ex-Brawl/ex-Travelin&apos; War; guitar) started with a 1972 Fender Telecasater he received at his Bar Mitzvah at age 12; he has since come to own 5. His first influence seeing Jimi Hendrix on The Ed Sullivan Show. Bess joined Crud, his first band in high school, and took guitar lessons from Jazz guitarist Lorne Lofsky, and violinist/music writer Ben Mink. But his life changed when he met Tony Iommi while Iommi was in Toronto recording for of Black Sabbath&apos;s Never Say Die album. The two became friends, Iommi even joining young Bess at his parent&apos;s home for dinner and used some of Bess&apos; guitars in the recording. Having a common interest in guitars, Iommi invited Bess to Europe as his personal guitar tech. for the European leg of the Never Say Die tour. Bess has since proven to be a renowned showman, songwriter and producer in his own right.\n\nOshawa, Ontario born Maxel Black (Real Name: Matthew Brearton; ex-Maniacal/ex-Mastery; vocals/songwriter/lyricist) would be known for his powerful voice and live presence. After finishing high school and being featured in a local metal band in Windsor, Ontario, Maxel left for Toronto. Recording credits thereafter included working with several Toronto acts, including Mastery on their The Triad release after meeting Swiss guitarist Marcus Armellini in Toronto. He would also play with Maniacal on their Sinkhole To Hell, an album featuring layered harmonic guitar riffs by Glen Drover (of King Diamond/ex-Eidolon/ex-Megadeth). But after meeting Bess Ross at a local Dio concert the pair collaborated to become the founding members of Penetrator.\n\nPlaying professionally since 16, Simon Vanderzand (ex-Static Eden/ex-The Love Letter Refuge; drums/engineer/co-producer) recorded the Penetrator debut CD at his studio: The Sound Lounge. In 2005, however, he would be replaced by local drummer &quot;Ogie Dawg&quot; who had been inspired to take up drums at 6 after seeing Buddy Rich on the Johnny Carson show. But more recently, after coming off tour with Buddy Guy&apos;s Legends, he returned to his metal roots to join Penetrator.\n\nbassist David T. Green grew up in Oakville, Ontario, but later found himself on Vancouver Island where he met up with a few musicians that convinced him to sell his BMX bike and buy a bass guitar. Dave&apos;s influences are derived from bass players like Geezer Butler, Billy Sheehan and Steve Harris (of Iron Maiden); his copy of The Number Of The Beast was all but worn out while he soaked up all of the bass. His thundering bass lines and &quot;in your face&quot; stage presence haven&apos;t gone unnoticed in the Penetrator lineup as co-writer of Penetrator&apos;s assault attack style of music.\n\nFootnote: In 2005, Penetrator produced their first and only video: Adulteress. Although it is believed someone inside the production firm slipped it on-line, an earlier cut - non broadcast version, was pirated to YouTube - and is there to this day. Nobody has ever pursued the matter because it was the version the band and participants of the video liked better anyway. Diskery author and founder Derek McDonald (a.k.a. &quot;Skel&quot;) is a good friend of Maxel Black and is featured on that 2005 video. Adulteress was filmed at the Gladstone Hotel in downtown Toronto. McDonald received credits for acting, site location, wardrobe (including his personal clothing used in the video), and assistance in editing. The only &apos;official&apos; (final edit) version of the video was featured on McDonald&apos;s Polishing of Metal compilation in late 2006; his is &apos;official&apos; since, as part of his participation, he received a limited right to release contract.Footnote: Not to be confused with the French band of the same name.
<Link_Name>Black Sabbath</Link_Name>
<Link_Name>King Diamond</Link_Name>
<Link_Name>Metal Church</Link_Name>
<Link_Name>Ronnie James Dio</Link_Name>
<Album_Title>Unleash The Fury</Album_Title>
<Album_Type>Studio Album</Album_Type>
<Album_TrackTitle>Unleash the Fury	(05:03)</Album_TrackTitle>
<Album_TrackTitle>Spread the Mind	(03:36)</Album_TrackTitle>
<Album_TrackTitle>Guns and Whiskey	(03:31)</Album_TrackTitle>
<Album_TrackTitle>Muso in a Bottle	(04:40)</Album_TrackTitle>
<Album_TrackTitle>Adulteress	(03:53)</Album_TrackTitle>
<Album_TrackTitle>Wheels of Justice	(03:03)</Album_TrackTitle>
<Album_TrackTitle>Shock Therapy	(02:41)</Album_TrackTitle>
<Album_TrackTitle>Templars of Hate	(02:56)</Album_TrackTitle>
<Album_TrackTitle>Penetrator	(02:42)</Album_TrackTitle>
<Album_MusicianName>David T Green	(Bass)</Album_MusicianName>
<Album_MusicianName>Simon Vanderzand	(Drums)</Album_MusicianName>
<Album_MusicianName>Bess Ross	(Guitars)</Album_MusicianName>
<Album_MusicianName>Maxel Black	(Vocals)</Album_MusicianName>
<Album_Type>Studio Album</Album_Type>
<Album_Type>Studio Album</Album_Type>
<Album_Description>Re-release of debut.</Album_Description>
<Album_Publisher>Sonic Age</Album_Publisher>
<Album_TrackTitle>Unleash the Fury</Album_TrackTitle>
<Album_TrackTitle>Spread the Mind</Album_TrackTitle>
<Album_TrackTitle>Guns and Whiskey</Album_TrackTitle>
<Album_TrackTitle>Muso in a Bottle</Album_TrackTitle>
<Album_TrackTitle>Wheels of Justice</Album_TrackTitle>
<Album_TrackTitle>Shock Therapy</Album_TrackTitle>
<Album_TrackTitle>Templars of Hate</Album_TrackTitle>
<Album_MusicianName>David T Green (Bass)</Album_MusicianName>
<Album_MusicianName>Simon Vanderzand (Drums)</Album_MusicianName>
<Album_MusicianName>Bess Ross (Guitars)</Album_MusicianName>
<Album_MusicianName>Maxel Black (Vocals)</Album_MusicianName>
<Album_Description>Tracks 1, 2 &amp; 4 of Album only.</Album_Description>
<Album_TrackTitle>Muso in a Bottle</Album_TrackTitle>
<Album_MusicianName>David T Green (Bass)</Album_MusicianName>
<Album_MusicianName>Simon Vanderzand (Drums)</Album_MusicianName>
<Album_MusicianName>&amp;quot;Bull Dog&amp;quot; Bess Ross (Guitars)</Album_MusicianName>
<Album_MusicianName>Maxel Black (Vocals)</Album_MusicianName>

What is Every Tag Diskery Outputs?


How To Use The ALL Instruction?
Your device can receive a list of all entries in the database with the use of the 'ALL' instruction. To use this, you must have a registered membership as it is accessed with your user name and password.

The URL for use of the ALL instruction:

There is no numerical 'ID=' equivalent.

When successful, Diskery will respond with

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<List_Name>Band Name</List_Name>

There is one entry for each artist listed in the database in the format as above.

Does Diskery Help To Promote My App?
Diskery does not endorse any specific developer's work nor do we directly sell them. However, we do maintain a contact database where visitors to the site can find your product and contact/purchase information.

How Do I Sign Up or Update My Information?
Send the following information to: Be sure to set that address as a safe one for your e-mail application (whitelist) as it will create an auto-reply to ensure that you are not a marketer's robot. Simply reply to the resulting message with any subject and it will pass your message to us.

Send the following:

  • Desired User Name
  • Real Name (Personal & Corporate)
  • E-mail
  • Product Website
  • Link to Product Logo
  • Link to Product Image
  • Mailing/Billing Address
  • Cell & Business phone numbers
  • Name of your App
  • Description of App (how it will be using our database specifically)
  • Websites where someone can purchase your App
  • Desired Password
Someone here will then contact you. If you do not leave a password, a random one will be assigned to you. To change any of this information, all you need to do is send another e-mail with the updated information.

You may also contact us at our Facebook or LinkedIn page as well.

Do not worry if you do not have all the information on your initial application, you can update it later. To apply we MUST HAVE: Billing Address, Real & Corporate Names, At least 1 contact phone number, E-Mail, and Name and Description of the App.

Legal Lingo?
This is a summary of the legal matters presented in this document:

The Service = "Diskery App Platform" (access to Diskery database).
You/Your = The App Developer (user of The Service).
Diskery = Diskery Project Consortium (provider of The Service).
Device(s) = Machine/contrivance, software, or service constructed by You.
Agreement = The terms of this document.
Application = Application on file by You for use of The Service.

You and Diskery here-by agree as part of the use of The Service on the Device(s) the following:

1) Diskery is not responsible for Your ability or inability to use The Service. There is no expressed warranty accompanying The Service's ability to function according to Your needs and You will indemnify and hold harmless Diskery, its Agents, Affiliates, Developers and Owners from any and all harm incurred by the use of The Service, including but not limited to: financial, reputational, and technological. You use The Service AS-IS.
2) Diskery is not responsible for the security of the customers using Your Device(s), nor does Diskery make any warranty that data transfers to and from The Service will be secure.

1) You understand that membership to The Service can be revoked at any time with or without cause upon 30 days notice.
2) You agree to pay the prescribed membership fees within 30 days of notification and understood these fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. Failure to pay will mean termination from the Service and a revocation of all rights here listed.
3) You understand there is no expectation of help, sales, or customer service while using The Service.

1) With payment of membership fee(s), You have re-broadcast rights on the material You rightfully access under the terms of this Agreement for the Device(s) listed on Your Membership Application that are governed by this Agreement. This right does not extend to modification of the data beyond the technological restrictions imposed by Your Device(s) or where editorial content or legal requirements restrict.
1A) You understand that Diskery often uses content provided by others and these rights stipulated under section II-1 may be limited in these situations.
2) This Agreement allows You use of the Diskery logo. You must use the official logo as provided by Diskery.
3) For Your Device(s) to remain under this Agreement, You are free to make as many duplications/subscriptions to Your Device(s) as You like, and are free to update Your Device(s) to new versions as long as those modifications are a clear straight line back to the original Device(s) as listed in Your Application.
4) While You may charge fees for the purchase or use of Your Device(s), You are not permitted to charge any extra fee for access to the Diskery material itself, or to have any method, symbol or text that indicates directly or indirectly that a user is required to pay extra for access to Diskery data.
5) Diskery is not responsible for the promotion, distribution, service or sales of Your Device(s).
6) This is a ONE TIME LICENSE that permits Diskery's data for use on the Device(s) stated on Your Application.

1) Diskery and all of its content remain under copyright of Diskery or the original owner(s), unless otherwise stated. There is no transfer of ownership for said copyrights under this Agreement.
2) You may not claim, nor lead anyone to believe You are staking claim, control or ownership over any of the material you obtain from Diskery unless You honestly have certification to such claim.
3) You must declare/credit, in any reasonable manner, the name/source of the material you use, both the material source as well as Diskery as the provider of the material or partial material.
4) As a part of this Agreement, You must use the Diskery logo on your Device(s). Where you are using Diskery as one of multiple input sources You must explicitly state Diskery as the source for data components actually received from Diskery.
5) It is understood that Diskery provides The Service as an access platform to information over the Internet. Diskery charges for access to the database, but does not charge for said delivered information contained within. Diskery is not responsible for Your use of this information. You indemnify and hold harmless Diskery, its Agents, Affiliates, Developers and Owners against Your use of this data, including management of copyright material You may not own You obtained from the The Service. This is interpreted to include the legal consequences for use there-of.

1) Diskery collects Your usage data for purposes of billing, auditing, and general statists. Diskery will not distribute collected data outside of itself and direct affiliates unless otherwise given expressed permission by You.

1) The contents of this Agreement may change at any time.
2) The Term of this Agreement begins on the date You file an Application for use of The Service and subsequent acceptance, and terminates after 30 days notice by either party.
3) Any grievances over this Agreement will be heard by a court of competent jurisdiction in the Province of Ontario, country of Canada.

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