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The Internet was developed originally by the US military so that military communications would continue even during a nuclear holocaust, the fact that it went commercial and that children can access it was an error in judgement that historians can debate. Be that as it may, children were never considered during its development.

First and foremost we need to state clearly that Diskery is not for children. The function of this site is to assist record collectors (audiophiles) of rock, punk, metal, hard rock and classic rock in locating and understanding their music and collections better. It is an information source. All articles posted here are fact checked... they are factual, like items on a news broadcast. These articles may contain language or situations best suited for adults. While Diskery makes no deliberate attempt to include explicit language or situations in its content, we do not censor it either when it is used in context as a part of an article.

The age for viewers of Diskery could be stated as 16+. This is not a place to park 'Junior' when you are too busy to parent him. If you are offended by the content of Diskery then you are free to leave. Sorry to sound blunt, but there it is and you know where we stand on the matter!

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