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Diskery Project Consortium (hereto known as "Diskery") is very concerned about the privacy of our visitors/guests.

Collected Data: At Diskery, we do not collect personal identifiable information nor archive it, with the exceptions:

  • Certain data needed for the operation of the website and its ability to operate over the internet collected by our Internet Provider and may include IP addresses, operating system and browser type, and other required Internet tracing identifiers. 'Google Analytics' also collects information such as those listed above as well as (and not limited to) country, age, sex, language, technology used, and city. This data is collected so Diskery system administrators can gain access to sections of this data after it has been aggregated and obfuscated for statistical analysis to identify the occurrence of page visits, returning callers, demographics of those using our system, and the technology utilized by our visitors for enhancement of web page features and technologies, and for purposes of security of the website.
  • Third party advertisement providers (Google Adsense) for functionality of their advertisement generator and statistical counts (how we get paid).
Use of cookies: The use of cookies is to improve the functionality of the website to enhance the visitor experience. All cookies posted by Diskery to your browser have default expiry dates and is for strict functionality of the site and statistics related to its use. An example of this is the use of the Electric Eye application plug-in on Diskery which collects information pertaining to your exact geographical location on the Earth. It does this for its functionality (in order to work it must know where you are), and use of this application is voluntary. Such information is stored on your device and has an expiry time of approximately 10 minutes.

Diskery does not directly collect data for purpose of advertising nor do we share our data with marketers, furthermore all data we do keep is stripped of personally identifiable information and destroyed when no longer needed. The advertisement provider (Google Adsense) and their affiliated advertising clients may drop their own cookies on your device or collect information; these have no direct relation to Diskery. Diskery only receives statistical information of advertisement performance related to revenues we may receive but nothing more. Although Diskery has limited these providers on types of advertisements and data collection allowed, we cannot be responsible for information collected by the aforementioned advertisers or providers.

Diskery does not deliberately collect or condone the collection of data related to children. We control this where it is within our ability.

Because there is no password required for access, nor do you need to pay any fees (for access to the website service component), there is no financial, credit card, or personal information on file causing no risk of this sort of information release.

Diskery does not permanently store collected data on our servers therefore any requests pertaining to gathered information at this site must go to the aforementioned third party providers.

As our visitor you have the right to use technology to stop any of the above activities, however, be advised that functionality/usefulness of the Diskery website for you may suffer. You may not use any technology that prevents others from viewing the website with these features.

This website is subject to the rules and regulations of Ontario, Canada and all dispute resolutions will be under the rules and judgement of a competent court within that jurisdiction.

For further reading please also see our Terms of Service, as well as Data and Disability Compliancy pages also included in this database.

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