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Diskery is very concerned about the privacy of our visitors/guests.

At Diskery, we do not collect personal identifiable information nor archive it.

Information collected by our Internet Provider on our behalf and automatically (outside of our control) includes IP address and previous linked page for:

Statistical analysis to identify the occurrence of new page visits, pages visited, return visits, nationality of visitors, web browser and operating systems, used for:

Enhancement of web page features and technologies and source of reference links.

The use of cookies is to improve the functionality of the website to enhance the visitor experience. All cookies (if used) posted by Diskery to your browser have default expiry dates.

Diskery DOES NOT collect data for purpose of advertising nor do we share our statistical data with marketers, furthermore all data is stripped of personally identifiable information.

Diskery has notified our advertisement provider (Google Adsense) that we do not wish data collected on our visitors. Diskery is NOT responsible for information collected by the aforementioned advertisers or provider, however. Also be advised: Google will utilize 'Google Analytics' technology.

Diskery uses popping windows/tabs. This is done NOT for advertising (strictly forbidden), but used in the functioning of the website.

As our visitor you have the right to evoke technology to stop any of the above activities, however be advised: functionality/usefulness of the Diskery for you may suffer.

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