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There was once a day when a topic like this never had to be discussed. Well, that was then and this is now. Recently, there have been many cyber-attacks intended to trick people into handing over personally identifiable information (like identity cards, SIN numbers, credit card numbers, utility bills, etc.) in an effort to steal money, or outright take identities to obtain new personalities for criminals. This is despicable and the people who perpetrate this sort of activity really have no purpose living among us!

One of the latest schemes is to post an ad on social media or job log websites offering work available at a known website or company. Alternatively they advertise merchandise at ridiculously cheap prices! Work seekers reply to quickly receive a job offer with a ridiculously high wage rate after filling out a phony job application on-line. Bargain hunters go to a website to purchase the items in question. To get the job/item, they will have to send certain personal documents for 'payroll' or 'sales' purposes. It is true such documents are needed for 'payroll' or 'sales', if this were a legit business, but sadly, they want that information to scam you.

With that said, we want to pre-empt these attempts at using DISKERY's good name:


Here's how to know you have the genuine DISKERY.COM:

  • Diskery does NOT advertise jobs or merchandise at ANY third party website: only HERE at our site
  • Diskery does NOT have an on-line job application system
  • Diskery does NOT have a telephone number open to the public for jobs, customer service, or sales - anyone claiming they have our number is either mistaken or is lying
  • Diskery does NOT accept job applications or any form of soliciting to our postal address
  • Diskery staff does NOT use any third party e-mail (GMAIL, YAHOO, MSN, etc...) as we have our own e-mail server and domain (
  • Diskery does NOT ask for personal information over e-mail other than name and e-mail address so we can reply
  • Diskery staff does NOT e-mail you unsolicited nor do we send out advertisements (spam)
  • Diskery does NOT accept gift cards, cryptocurrency/e-money (like BitCoin), or any other form of non-traceable payment. Also, we ALWAYS issue an invoice for sales
  • Diskery does NOT monitor your computer or leave code that allows us entry
  • We do not send SMS messages
  • We do NOT send 'Push' Messages to your browser or device
  • We recently discovered our internal telephone number has been 'spoofed'; we do NOT call people at random (BTW: It's an old-school landline and it cannot send text messages!)
OK, so how do you know you are looking at the legit Diskery website:
  • Note the spelling of our website: D I S K E R Y any other variation is not us!
    are the ONLY legit domain registrations for this site. Note: they all start with https://! Also note that when on the Diskery website a lock, shield, or some other form of security icon will appear by the search bar of your browser signalling that your communication is encrypted and secure - we never use an unsecured connection!

    Some examples of valid Diskery URL/web addresses:


    Diskery does not use hyphens (-) in its name, so the following would not be us:


Diskery is not responsible for the actions of such third party criminals nor can we help you in any way if you have fallen victim. Contact the police if you feel you have been scammed! Remember: NEVER give personal ID information over the internet! If you wish to verify if an individual from Diskery may have REALLY contacted you, or to report that our good name is being used as part of a criminal activity, please contact us at:

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