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Diskery 'Lexicon' Database Application 2.2.5
Programmed by: Derek McDonald.
Software: Copyright 'Diskery Project Consortium'.
Text & Selected Images: Copyright 'Diskery Project Consortium'.

Diskery Project Consortium (hereby known as 'Diskery'):

All material presented on the Diskery website, the Diskery logos, the 'Skellian' logo, text, and including the website code and database code itself, is protected under Copyright. Use, without expressed written permission, is forbidden.

Since Diskery is a compilation of works, all text and coding is directly owned by the Diskery. However, photographs, graphics, audio and video may be held under a separate copyright by their respective owners. If material is used under CC (hereby known as 'Creative Commons') you are free to use that item in accordance to the open license. No material created by Diskery itself, however, is under CC, and the CC usage is limited to the item used and not the rest of the article. See Use of Our Works for more detailed information.

Diskery would like to thank the following individuals and organizations for the use of their proprietary software and written articles used on this website that have been wholly licensed to Diskey:

Diskery Project Consortium
Derek E. McDonald
Emperor Multimedia Corporation Ltd.
Diskery Systems International
Rock Record Collectors Association
DMCS Technologies

We would like to thank Wikipedia, and contributors there-of, for use of selected CC (Creative Commons) material (text and images).

We would also like to thank all the artists, corporations and individuals who have donated material to this project over the years.

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