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Writing Your Own Article on an Artist

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We encourage readers to help us maintain the archives. Inspiring writers and music lovers are who have made this database as good as it is! Other than the occasional volunteers, there is only a small number of people who handle the data entry and, as you can probably guess, they are swamped. You do not have to be an expert writer!

So, how do you add an article to help the process?

  1. Check to ensure we don't already have the artist listed. If the artist in question is listed then you can e-mail us and request an update to the article. See our section on Requesting an Update elsewhere in this help FAQ database.
  2. Send us your information in the formats listed further down on this article.
  • It is important to note that all text you send us will become the property of Diskery and/or it's owners!!
  • Unless you request otherwise, you will get credit as "contributing researcher"
  • Be sure all the text you offer is original work. If you are copying other works then be sure to cite the source and/or get permission from the original author if needed
  • Cite all sources for your information so we can verify. Please... do not use Wikipedia as your only source. Wikipedia is a wonderful resource, but because it's open access it often has hidden factual errors
  • Be sure you include your name and a contact e-mail address, at the very least.
  • Do not include photos, videos, MP3 or any other media unless you have permission from owner to do so, you own the work in question, the work is "Public Domain", or CC. If the work is covered under CC (Creative Commons) then be sure to include the URL of the license and where you found the information so we can verify
  • All text sent is subject to editing and/or changes by our database editor(s)
  • You do not need any programming/HTML. Our people will do that on this side
  • Check spelling!
  • NO AI (Artificial Intelligence)
  • Please send us your writing in the English language only
  • This is volunteer - you are not paid
Articles can be sent to us in plain text (ASCII), RTF (Rich Text Format), MS-Word, or PDF (Portable Document Format). Do not include any hidden code - (Javascript, HTML, PHP)... nothing other than text. Send pictures and other media files as separate attachments. All files will not directly be downloaded onto our server, but scanned for viruses on a separate computer dedicated to this purpose. Include media files as an attachment to E-MAIL --- AFTER YOU HAVE ASKED PERMISSION TO DO SO - do not just send it as, for security, it will not be downloaded.

PLEASE When writing articles, be as detailed as possible. The absolute minimum is the artist's name, place of origin, list of recordings and dates, membership, and date of origin.

A word of note to the mentioning to artist places of origin: use the city and nation where the band first started. If the formation place is not known, then use the place where they first performed, if not that then use the lates place of residence. Although often the place can be figured out in the article text, this is not always a guaranteed accurate way. If you say "Burlington", for example... Burlington... where? Burlington, Vermont, USA or Burlington, Ontario, Canada? Likewise with "London", we will assume London, UK unless you say "London, Ontario, Canada"!

You are not required to format the document in any special way, but if you have the time, we'd appreciate if you pre-formatted it for our editors using this simple table. This format follows the old RRCA formatting standard. We believe it reads better but also is known by the database AI software when searching.

Album TitleBold & Italic for album titles
Song tile, event, showItalic alone to denote a single song title, event (like a concert), television show title, etc.
Artist & Band nameBold alone to show names of bands and artists
(Date)Year in 4 digit format surrounded by parenthesis
"Quotation"Citation for quotations and actual citations, surrounded by double quote marks in Italic only
'Label'Single quotes around record label business names
(Instrument/Instrument)Performer's instrument surrounded by brackets separated by slash marks
(ex-Band)Performer's former memberships separated by semi-colons and in bold only
(a.k.a. Stage Name)Where a nom de plume is used "a.k.a." denotes it, surrounded by brackets and in bold only
(Real Name: Given Name)Where a nom de plume is used but a real name is known "Real Name:" in brackets are used in bold only

For further guidance, it is recommended you read the articles archived here at Diskery for examples.

You may send your addition request to: Put "ADD REQUEST" in the subject line. Be sure to list this e-mail address as whitelisted (safe) in your spam filters. The computer on the opposite end may send you an automated response. Simply reply with anything and it will pass your message to us. This is done to stop automated spam bots; it wants to prove you are a human.

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