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'Legacy Software' is simply a polite computer trade term for 'Obsolete' or 'No Longer Made'!

If you are using any DMCS Technologies or Emperor Multimedia Corporation productions (web, CD, CD-ROM or custom installation) that links to this website either by automatic function or your choice by use of a link then you need to read this.

On December 31, 2012 Emperor Multimedia Corporation (Canada), who previously inherited the productions of the former DMCS Technologies (also of Canada) ceased all manufacture, distribution, service and sales of every item in their catalog, this includes, but not limited to: Comterm, McBBS, The Alliance, Recorded History, Polishing of Metal and any archived links by the RRCA (predecessor to Diskery); three months later, the Corporation shut down all business operations.

Your product is no longer produced or supported and you will notice that many of the original links to this site will no longer work. In our Special Projects section, we have maintained the last known web pages for these products for your convenience to allow these products to complete their connections, but not all such connections are supported, including, but not limited to, purchasing of music as was found on Polishing of Metal and Recorded History products. These pages will not be updated and it is recommended you stop using the links as Diskery is under no obligation to maintain them in the future. They were erected by the producer of these projects, who is also the founder of Diskery as a part of a 'reach back' to those who purchased his products.

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