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Here at Diskery we do not want solicitation so please do not send us an E-Mail or phone call about your products or services. If we need something we tend to purchase local whenever possible or we go to Google and search for it.

When we do search for products, price and value are taken into consideration (lowest price doesn't usually win) and those who have sold us quality before or won 'contracts' tend to get priority.

If we do request inforamtion, Please do not send us an ad or solicitation that is long, uses marketing 'double speak', uses passive-aggressive langauge or unproven hyperbole. GET TO THE POINT and it's a real good idea to quote your price up front - we will not be calling you back to ask for it!

It might help you to aproach us by taking a look at this old ad for publishing house McGraw Hill as was probably printed in the 1970s or there-abouts as it was archived on page 118 of David Ogilvy's "Ogilvy on Advertising" book (John Wiley & Sons Ltd. (Canada) - 1983) and consider these questions:

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