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Request an Update to an Article

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Requesting an update to an article or suggesting an artist to add is a simple matter of sending us an e-mail and asking to do so. Be sure to leave us your return e-mail so we can contact you if needed.

When sending the e-mail please be as specific as possible. List the article number or artist name and exactly where the information needs updating/correcting. Best to also offer proof, such as an article or credible website showing the new information/corrected information so we can verify the information is correct and accurate. Please be advised, data entry here is a part-time effort so your request may take some time to process.

You may send your change request to: Put "CHANGE REQUEST" in the subject line. Be sure to list this e-mail address as whitelisted (safe) in your spam filters. The computer on the opposite end might send you an automated response. Simply reply with anything and it will pass your message to us. This is done to stop automated spam bots; it wants to prove you are a human.

Be advised as well that data entry has creative freedom and we rarely quote band biographies verbatim. This is done to make the articles more entertaining to read but also avoid legal issues. Please do not request the removal of information unless you know it is factually incorrect regardless if you wanted it published or not; we will not remove information that is factually correct unless legally required to do so. We prefer more detail in an article rather than less.

If you wish to enter new artists/articles into the database, click this link to see the associated article on that subject.

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