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How to Get Your Band Listed

Getting your band listed is as easy as contacting us and asking to be added. You must supply your band name, the band membership, the band discography (what recordings you have published), the year and place you started, and what artists influenced your acts or that you influenced or performed with (including ex-bands or members past and present). You can provide this as a simple text document or E-Mail written like a historical document. Please do not embellish it (it must be as accurate and truthful as you can). If there is information you do not remember do not worry, just make sure what you send is CORRECT.

Be sure to include your return address and e-mail contacts.

Although it may be 'fun' and a part of your band's nationality or image to send us your information in your native language or even some form of ancient runic - don't! At Diskery we speak English only, the fact that you may be reading this text in another language is because your computer is translating it for you; it was written in English. Unless you get very lucky and someone here can actually read your text, you will be disqualified if you do not send your information in English.

You may send us pictures, videos and audio (in MP3 format - minimum 128Kps). We strongly recommend it! But be aware that by doing so you are automatically granting us license to display it at our website! Alternatively you can send us links to your material as long as they are direct links and not a link to someone elses website. (You can provide a band web link separately).

Please note:

  1. Sending this data does NOT guarantee you will be entered into the archives.
  2. Our editor(s) will most likely edit your information/text to fit our database layout, wording and structure standards.
  3. Once re-written the text becomes property of Diskery, so only send us what you are willing to share.

To qualify for entry, you must:

  • Have at least one (1) recording that was released and sold to the general public. The recording does not have to involve a record label or mass distribution but must have been available outside of your jurisdiction (sold outside of your state/province).
  • Your music must be a form of rock music at least to 70%.
  • Your music must be at least 75% original material.

Getting added, however, is not a sure thing:

  1. Our editors reserve the right to exclude anyone for any reason.
  2. Our editors may contact you and ask further questions or conduct separate research on your act to make the article as accurate and full as possible, and/or to verify the truthfulness of your claims (best to offer proof up-front).
  3. Any material that is deemed as promoting sales (advertising) will be edited out or disqualified.
  4. Any material that contains profanity will be edited out or disqualified.
  5. Any material that contains hate speech, racial comments, pornography (especially child pornography), inciting violence, political unrest, overt nationalism, religion and other controversial matters will be disqualified. In extreme cases it may involve our editor(s) contacting authorities.
  6. If you have been previously 'black listed' from Emperor Multimedia/Diskery/RRCA... YOU STILL ARE - YES! We hold grudges.

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