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What archive or museum would be complete without a gift shop? Our gift shop is a great opportunity to buy souvenirs of Diskery as well as support our site as we get a portion of every sale made. New products and designs are coming all the time and all are created here in-house by our own members and staff.

From a business point of view, the gift shop is operated by a third party vendor who sets the pricing and we get a portion of the sale. The portion is generous, however. Because the site is operated by a third party it is important to note that Diskery does not collect any financial information (credit card numbers, address, etc...) as we never see this data. Furthermore: customer enquiries, returns, quality control, shipping, etc. are all handled by the third party vendor - please contact them if you have questions/concerns and not Diskery staff. In essence they are a licensed operator with no business affiliation with Diskery other than paying a license fee/commission for every sale. The gift shop is located in the USA but ship worldwide.

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