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Did Someone Try to Buy Diskery?

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Believe it or not, we have had several requests over the years. We won't get into the details of who and when or exactly how much was offered other then to say there was an offer in excess of several million US Dollars 'as-is'. That huge offer may seem high despite the request being apparently serious; if they could actually pay that or not is unclear since negotiations ended early. Although we have set that as the minimum to beat for future requests, let us be clear and categorically state that Diskery is not for sale and these offers were unsolicited. Even if you entertain this idea please be smart enough and not send an E-Mail as we will not take it seriously; for this you need old fashioned REGISTERED mail and have a lawyer and accountant on stand-by. We are fiercely independent. No - we don't want to sign on any partners, nor will we negotiate our terms, and we only recognize our home jurisdiction for contracts.

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