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DISKERY: - General information. - Database and General (Office) Administration.

Diskery is located in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. The exact postal address is available upon request.

NOTE: When sending an e-mail, as a part of our 'spam' prevention procedures, before the server will release your e-mail for us to view it will automatically reply to your e-mail literally asking if you are a real human being. Reply to the e-mail (just send it back) or click on the provided link in the message body to release the message. Failure to do so will mean the e-mail will get automatically deleted within a day and unread. Be sure to check your e-mail application's spam filter as this auto-reply often gets shuffled into there. You only need to do this once (the first time) unless you move e-mail accounts.

Please DO NOT add Diskery to your label/band mailing list - as much as we like to hear your news your messages will get caught in this filter and not delivered, furthermore we simply do not have the time to read them.

Instead of an automated artist/label press release, if you are an artist or representative there-of who wishes to update Diskery's biography on you/your artist please manually send us an e-mail asking for an update to their biography and provide the new details. These help documents have a separate section for this. For permission to send automated press releases please contact our administration.

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