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If you are an artist listed on Diskery you may ask to have your band website listed on the dashboard of your biography page. Along with this you have the option of having a link to your official sales site in our links sections. After-all, one of Diskery's mandates is to promote up-and-coming artists. This is available FREE.

Please be advised, however, that there is a restriction. We will only list your band web page and/or and your band sales site IF THEY ARE OFFICIAL AND BELONG TO YOU - You are selling your music & merchandise directly to your fans from that site. We do make exceptions for your record company site if you have no other band merchandise site. However, distributors, sponsoring retailers, fan sites, or any other third party, must read our Help Knowledge Base File page on 'How to Advertise at Diskery'.

Please NOTE:

  • You do not have control over what else is posted on your biography page, only the link in the dashboard section.
  • A link may already be on the dashboard of your biography site by the person who entered the data, or done on your behalf in the past. If so, you need not take any action unless that link is wrong.
  • There is no such thing as "exclusivity" at Diskery, other advertisers who are paying for the space may have their postings there as well.
  • Other bands may have the same name as you on the site, links to your band will not hinder theirs.

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