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Diskery is first and foremost an information site. We were not designed as a venue for advertisers to market. Diskery is self-sufficient and advertising revenue is extra revenue and as such we do not depend on it.

If you are an artist listed in our database please see our related section on 'Linking to Band Promotional Websites', for all other promotional and advertising please read on.

Diskery only uses Google's advertising services 'Adsense' and you will need to negotiate with them to obtain a listing. PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT US DIRECTLY.

Be advised that Diskery does not provide statistical use information (although Google may depending on your advertising plan), furthermore, there is no such thing as "exclusivity" at Diskery, other advertisers who are paying for the space may have their postings there as well; this could be your competitor. Google's system may further restrict your ad posting due to the regulations we have imposed. Diskery is free to review and remove any ad it deems as inappropriate for our site content, regardless of the instructions at Google. The cost of your ad posting is set by Google with an undisclosed payment coming to us from them depending on ad performance.

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