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General Advertising Info.

Diskery welcomes music and music related advertising.

If you are a featured artist please see our related section for artist advertising.

All entities who are NOT an artist that is featured at Diskery can get their product/service listed on the Diskery site for a fee. Diskery EXCLUSIVELY uses Google's own advertising services and you will need to negotiate with them to obtain a listing. PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT US DIRECTLY.

Be advised, however, that Diskery does NOT provide statistical use information, furthermore, there is no such thing as "exclusivity" at Diskery, other advertisers who are paying for the space may have their postings there as well. Also the GEMM access & logo cannot be removed.

Google's system may further restrict your ad posting due to the regulations we have imposed. In short your ad has to be music related, not our competitor, non animated.

Diskery is self-sufficient and advertising revenue is extra revenue and as such we do not depend on it.

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