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Why is Diskery Not an App

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Diskery has remained a website for two key reasons: Cost and Efficiency.

To make it simple: all mobile devices, as well as desktop and laptop computers, come equipped with a web browser installed with the operating system; call it "Chrome", "Internet Explorer", "Firefox", "Safari", "Edge", whatever its designation, it is able to access the Diskery website. All devices with access to satellite, cellular or WiFi signals or wired via Ethernet or telephone cables can therefore access the internet. In short, if your device has a web browser and access to the internet then you have Diskery already installed!

Since everyone has universal access already and Diskery is primarily an information site, it makes no sense for us to develop a specialized program for Android, Microsoft and Apple devices - we'd have to develop three programs that do the same function our one website does. To be blunt, most 'apps' out there are a waste of time, money and memory. These proprietary programs are designed to capture your attention on their product or service to control the flow of information you receive. In fairness, some apps are needed: those whereby performance or unique features that cannot be met via a streaming website are needed and best stored on the local device; Diskery is not that large of a data user to warrant it's own app.

WWW technology is mature, cheap, internationally regulated and stable.

Diskery is like Google or Wikipedia - a massive 'cloud' database and we don't use an app for them?

Moreover, when Diskery is updated, you have instant access to those updates by logging into the website without the need to download and install an update program or database - at your expense of time and data.

BTW: For the record, 'App' is a horrible short-form for 'Applications Program'. Just another computer program, nothing magical!

Diskery is not against the use of 'apps' per se. In developing of Diskery, a decision was made to put the technology needed into perspective and use only what was needed. We do not object to others who wish to incorporate Diskery into an app, but we did not develop one ourselves.

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