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What's With Diskery's 'Rero' Look

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One of the most notable features on Diskery is it's page layout. Many people look at it as 'retro', reminiscent of Internet days gone by. Critics will say it's an "old website that needs an update". Well, we have news for you...

Diskery's look has sort of become iconic with those who have followed the site for many years. The layout you see today actually developed in 2013 and was first viewed by the public in late 2014. Diskery's website has been in operation for over 20 years and has gone through three major design changes. The current design was deliberately chosen to give the impression of an old website... much like the neighborhood used record store - a cozy, well worn, comfortable, locals only institution. The page was engineered to be easy to use, fast to load, low on data usage, easy to read, and it can be viewed just as well on mobiles as with stationary (PC) computers. It also has an advantage of being modular, easy to program and update. Unlike many other sites, it also uses the viewer's full screen instead of squeezing the content down the center in a lazy effort to accommodate mobile screens. The site is written using modern technologies like CSS, PHP, SQL, Java & HTML5. In short - there is nothing old about Diskery's technology!

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