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What is 'Disko'?

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No, "Disko" is not a misspelling of the music genre "Disco", rather it is the scripting code we use when writing articles. Like Wiki, or HTML, Diskery has its own version created with a focus on easing the data entry of articles.

When it was discovered that data entry errors were increasing with the number of articles entered into the Diskery database, a method had to be found to ease the pressure. The solution was to substitute the HTML code structure with one that was easier to input.

The old system consumed resources in checking the input or writing code to check and convert data errors, so instead of

< B > < I > ... < / I > < / B >

to denote an un-linked album,

[ [ + r ] ] ... [ [ - r ] ]

is used instead. Firstly, this entry code allows the operator to enter the instruction without using multiple key combinations like pressing the ALT or SHIFT key with the instruction but also makes more sense for what Diskery is referencing; 'R' referring to "Record" or "Release", it is also faster -- and when pressing multiple key, errors like this: < ? I > happen. How are links recorded? We have automated programs that handle the URL linking for us and they read these signals and compare the contents between them against the database to create the links where needed. Although your browser sees HTML code when displaying the content, it is a translation from this code set.

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