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Diskery's entries are based one what our members and researchers can input into the database (and as fast as they can do it). This organization is not for profit and depends on volunteers and music fans for the entries. Diskery is one of the oldest music archives on the Internet but one of the few that does not depend on advertising or the random public for its input. Ads here merely offset our costs but we are financially able to operate it.

Access to the public is FREE.

Listing new artists is also FREE.

We DO NOT collect personal data!

What we list:

  • Rock
  • Classic Rock
  • Hard Rock
  • Heavy Metal
  • Punk

And their sub genres (death, black, thrash, glam, goth, emo, oi, NWOBHM.... you get the idea). With few exceptions we allow pop or techno... very few.

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