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To use the Diskery website you will need nothing more than a computer, phone or tablet with access to the World Wide Web and a web browser or equivalent technology. Best if it has a graphics interface, but not required. The faster your connection, the faster the site will load.

If selecting a web browser, any of the major web browsers will work. Diskery has been tested for Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Safari and Firefox, and is optimized for these browsers. Firefox must be above version 3.5. IE is no longer supported and version below 9 might not display the web page correctly.

Do not use your tablet or phone's web 'viewer' application, a full browser will render better results. Users of phones and tablets need to also note that you may have to shift the page left and right to see all the content, depending on the screen size. Diskery is optimized for screens of 640 pixels or higher.

Be sure your browser will allow PHP and Java Script to execute. Also, Diskery utilizes tabs, and/or pop-up windows to display its content, so you may have to make an exception in your browser's security for this. WE DO NOT USE THESE TECHNOLOGIES TO ADVERTISE!!

Diskery will work universally on all PC's, Tablets and phones with these capabilities as Adaptive Web Design technology has been installed.

Happy browsing!

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