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National Socialist black metal (NSBM), often also called "Aryan black metal" or "neo-Nazi black metal", is a style of black metal music that promotes Nazism or similar ideologies. It typically melds neo-Nazi ideology with ethnic European paganism and opposition to common modern (as they say, "foreign") religions like Christianity, Islam and Judaism. Many artists, however, are Satanists or occultists, rather than "pagans". NSBM is not seen as a distinct genre of black metal, but as an off-shoot or "neo-völkisch" movement within the style.

Although there is often a general undercurrent of ethnic nationalism in black metal, NSBM[[--g]] artists are an extreme group representing a small minority within the genre. Many NSBM artists are not very explicit with their political beliefs in the music, instead expressing in their beliefs offstage. It is also important to note that artists who may hold far-right or 'White' nationalist beliefs but do not express these in their music are not necessarily labeled 'NSBM' by the greater black metal scene, but may be labelled as such in the media.

It is also important to note that although some black metal bands, along with heavy metal and punk acts have made references to Nazi Germany purely for shock value this does not make then NSBM acts. While some black-metallers boycott NSBM artists, many are indifferent or appreciate the music without supporting the musicians.

Artists such as: Absurd, Graveland, Infernum and Goatmoon respresent the genre.

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