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Acapella is a style of music that spans almost all genres, although rare in some. Acapella means 'without musical accompaniment'. The style involves the use of only the human body to generate the sounds and music. Humans can generate thousands of noises using only their bodies if you include the mouth, throat, nasal passages (and other orifices) as well as the use of feet and hands to pound against their own body, neighboring humans or objects surrounding them (like the floor, stones, tables or walls). Many artists find it easy to replace instruments. Most acapella style bands will permit simple drum(s), however, to allow greater percussion styles.

"Beat Box" (also known as 'b-boking' and 'vocal percussion') is a more recent innovation in Acapella, a sort of sub-genre, whereby humans create music by imitating the sounds of instruments using only their own bodies (mostly the mouth). The instruments most commonly imitated are electronic ones like drum machines, computers and synthesizers. Beatboxing is most commonly connected with hip-hop culture, often referred to as "the fifth element" of hip-hop.

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