Lawnmower Deth

Mower Liberation Front (with Metal Duck)

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Artist ID: 611

Lawnmower Deth - Mower Liberation Front (with Metal Duck): Album Cover

  1. MLF
  2. Drink To Be Sick
  3. Umph Umlah
  4. Thermo-nuclear War Is Good For Your Complexion
  5. Seventh Church Of The Apocalyptic Lawnmower
  6. Nothingness
  7. Watch Out Granma, Here Comes A Lawnmower
  8. Lawnmower's Rampage In The Jungle
  9. I Got The Clap And My Knob Fell Off
  10. Nasal Infection
  11. I Don't Want Your Problems, Commit Suicide
  12. Scar Face
  13. Bavarian Drinking Song
  14. Fuck Off
  15. Destruction Song [Metal Duck]
  16. Stepping Stone to Hell [Metal Duck]
  17. Pek Yr Ass [Metal Duck]
  18. Bombay Duck [Metal Duck]
  19. NxDxQxC [Metal Duck]
  20. Cheese Puff Death Squad [Metal Duck]
  21. March of the Metal Duck to the Duck Ponds of Hell [Metal Duck]
  22. Rod, Jane and Freddy's Total Noise Annihilation [Metal Duck]
  23. Der Der Der [Metal Duck]
  24. Oo Er, I've Got a Sore Throat [Metal Duck]
  • Pete Lee
  • Steve Nesfield
  • Gavin O'Malley
  • Chris Parkes
  • Chris Flint
Released: 1989
Format: Split
Nationality: UK
Chart US: -
Chart UK: -

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