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Husker Du (1979-1987): a Metalcore band from Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA.
Bob Mould (vocals/guitar/keyboard), Grant Hart (drums/percussion/keyboards) and Greg Norton (bass) opened up Husker Du in 1979, but it wouldn't be until between 1980 and 1982 that they issued a few 45s, and their live debut LP Land Speed Record (1982) on their own 'New Alliance' label. The record clearly showed the band's early hardcore style that adhered strictly to the rules dictated by the sub-genre. Everything Falls Apart (1983) was another uncompromising album, Metal Circus, their 1983 debut for 'SST' showed them consolidating the style. The disc also boasted one of the first crossings of psychedelia and hardcore punk rock on their cover of The Byrds' Eight Miles High (1984). The follow-up double set, Zen Arcade (1984) was another step in evolution for them and the hardcore metal movement, being not only a concept album but, unfortunately, an over-all unfocused feel of the whole affair, but it still wasn't enough to blunt the edges of Whatever and Turn On The News. But adrenaline was the focus on the Hardcore and pop hybrid that was featured on the follow-up, New Day Rising (1985), that made it a far more satisfying effort.

Flip Your Wig (1985) would be their last indie release and paved the away for 'Warner' to pick them up for the release of Candy Apple Grey (1986). This new album showcased the continued perfection of their melodic discord while also showing dark introspective and acoustic styles. But Husker Du would fall victim the whole "unplugged" acoustic fad that ran rampant during the mid 1990s, and their more Hardcore fan base made their objections known. Regardless, the album was released to unanimous critical acclaim. The depth, clarity, and consistency they had desired had been achieved with their last album, Warehouse: Songs And Stories (1987). By the time of the album's release, tension in the band had now gone beyond the breaking point and Husker Du disbanded in 1987; Grant Hart and Bob Mould went on to solo careers, then formed Nova Mob and Sugar respectively, but they were never as good apart as together, leaving Husker Du as a highly influential band a memory and an influence to the future generation.

The Living End, a live collection taken from the band's final tour, was released after the band's demise.

Mould and Hart reunited at a benefit concert for ailing Soul Asylum bassist Karl Mueller (who had been receiving treatment for cancer, and has since died).

Hart died of liver cancer on September 14, 2017, at the age of 56.

Savage Young Dü, a collection of the band's pre-'SST' recordings, including Everything Falls Apart and an alternate version of Land Speed Record, was released by 'The Numero Group' in late 2017.

Footnote: The band's logo symbolized the creative commonality between Hart, Mould, and Norton. According to Mould, "The circle is the band. The three lines across are the members, and the intersection is the common train of thought."

Promotional photo of Hüsker Dü from the 1986.
Photo by: Daniel Corrigan.

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Nation USA
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