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Neurosis (1985-present): a Industrial Metal band from Oakland, California, USA.
Oakland, California was the birthplace of Industrial act Neurosis, an act that specialized in audio grinding mixed with apocalyptic psychedelia. Debuting in 1987 with Pain Of Mind under the line-up of Steve Von Till (vocals/guitar), Dave Edwardson (bass/vocals), Scott Kelly (guitar/vocals), Noah Landis (keyboards) and Jason Roeder (drums) they would get only minor notice in America. The Word as Law (1990) followed with the same success, this time released only in America. Their Souls At Zero (1992) and Enemy of the Sun (1993) follow-ups, however, would face a different level of success by also being released in the UK on Jello Biafra's (of Dead Kennedys) 'Alternative Tentacles' label. The act's brutal styling as strong as ever, the albums failed significant chart positions but were nonetheless open to a wider audience.

Through Silver in Blood (1996) was originally a US only affair until another UK based indie label picked it up. Now at the height of the 'industrial metal' movement, Neurosis would pound out their fifth set in the form of Time Of Grace (1999), 'Music For Nations' taking over their international exposure. But after adding Pete Inc. for visual effects they discovered their talents extended into more avant-garde styling and so launched Tribes Of Neurot as an alter ego to release Silver Blood Transmission (1998), Static Migration (1998; shared with Walking Timebombs), Rebegin (1998; mini), Grace (1999) and 60 Degrees (2000). Both operations still very much in business.

Nonetheless, during this time Neurosis was still active, however, with Sovereign (2000) and A Sun That Never Sets (2001) following. Beginning with A Sun That Never Sets, Neurosis began incorporating clean vocals and acoustic instrumentation into its sound. 2004's The Eye of Every Storm expanded upon this change by incorporating more slow moments and ambient textures into the mix.

On Given to the Rising (2007) Neurosis re-incorporated a more aggressive approach into their music.

On May 5, 2016 'Relapse Records' announced they were reissuing A Sun That Never Sets and The Eye of Every Storm on vinyl on June 17 with new artwork.

Fires Within Fires arrived in 2016.

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Nation USA
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Genre Industrial Metal
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