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Destiny (1980-present): a Power Metal band from Gothenberg, Sweden.
Playing a type of power metal with progressive tendencies, Destiny was started in 1980 by bassist Stefan Björnshög, who in turn (after several line-up attempts) recruited Håakan Ring (vocals), Magnus Österman (guitar/backing vocals), John Proden (guitar/backing vocals) and Peter Lundgren (drums) to produce albums that received deserved acclaim.

Unfortunately due to poor distribution, the band remained a relatively unknown entity. Their debut, Beyond All Sense (1985), proved to be an album they decided they didn't like. Disillusioned with the results, the whole band, sans Bjornshog and Lundgren, left forcing the recruitment of Floyd Konstatin (ex-King Diamond), Jorgen Petterssen (vocals) and Zenny (Hanson) Gram (guitar) for the follow-up Atomic Winter (1989). Although the new album boasted a harder edge, it was still not enough to raise interest among the public and caused another departure within the ranks.

The follow-up, Nothing Left To Fear (1991), would see yet another change in the line-up featuring Gunnar Kindberg taking over universally from Pettersson and Constantin on guitars. The album proved to be their final set and they called it quits soon after.

Well in these days, calling quits doesn't seem to have the same impact as it once did, for like many other's who returned from retirement, Destiny returned in 1998 with the arrival of The Undiscovered Country (1998; most likely not influenced by the Star Trek movie of the same name) in, and along with it a new line-up of Gram and Björnshög returning and adding Knut Hassel (guitar) and Håkan Svantesson (drums) to the team.

Future Of The Past (2004) would show the band trundling on, now with the membership ofKristoffer Göbel (vocals), Janne Ekberg (guitar), Niclas Granath (guitar), Stefan Björnshög (bass) and Birger Löfman (drums).

By the time Future of the Past (2004), Beyond All Sense 2005 (2005) and Climate Change (2016) came along, the membership had morphed to Jonas Heidgert (vocals), Stefan Björnshög (bass), Michael Åberg (guitar), Veith Offenbächer (guitar) and Kane Svantesson (drums).


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