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Downfall (1998-2009, 2009-present): a Heavy Metal band from Tampere, Finland.
Downfall came to be at the end of 1998 with Kalle Tulonen (drums) and Timo Eskelinen (guitar), who previously had recorded a couple of songs together. Downfall started their career with crossover metal songs utilizing synthesizers and drum loops, but it wasn't long before they realized that more traditional metal sounds would work better. In February of 1999 Downfall released their premier project, Am I Even Thinking Straight, produced at their own studio. The album was completed but never published. At this point, in an effort to make a release that would be of more interest to the world at large, they decided to expand their band membership. They did so by inviting personal friends to try and finally settled on Dimitry Marynoff (bass), Jani Peippo (vocals) and Hannu Kumpula (guitar). The Four Sins EP was made after a short period of practicing, and it was released in MP3 format.

The next project, Dark Parade (2000) was a full CD release and followed shortly later featuring two new tracks, as well as 3 tracks recycled from the Am I Even Thinking Straight project. Downfall soon after signed to 'Low Frequency Records', and were subsequently featured on the Northern Breeze compilation. A self-titled EP followed in 2006.

The membership would change. Timo Kemppainen then Dino Kullberg would assume drums before Dino Kullberg assumed it permanent. Likewise, Ville Hovi would try vocals before Ville Hovi took it over. The act would split in 2009 to reform as Blackstar Halo.

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Nation Finland
City Tampere
Promotional Address P.O. Box 14 - 01661
Vantaa, Finland
Genre Heavy Metal
Reformations 2
Web http://www.lowfrequency.c
Active Years 1998-2009, 2009-
E-Mail Unknown
Last Modified Unknown
RRCA File Code ERF00139
Diskery ID 90

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