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Cryptopsy (1992-present): a Death Metal band from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
Taking old school brutal death metal to the extreme with fast technical riffing and time changes, and excellent drumming performances, Cryptopsy originally formed as Necrosis in 1992 with members Dave Galea (guitar), Steve Thibault (guitar) and Kevin Wagle (bass), the act would soon adopt their current moniker that same year. The band came into being on their demo effort Ungentle Exhumation EP (1994), with the original membership of Lord Worm (vocals), Jon Levasseur (guitar), Steve Thibault (guitar), Kevin Weagle (bass; soon after replaced by Martin Fergusson) and Flo Mounier (drums). Their debut album release was in 1994 with Blasphemy Made Flesh.

Without Fergusson or Thibault, and Eric Langlois taking on bass, they would release the follow-up, None So Vile (1996). Miguel Roy would assume the vacant guitar spot, while Mike DiSalvo took over the vocal duties and Miguel Roy on second guitar for their third effort, Whisper Supremacy (1998) on 'Century Media', an album that saw the act incorporating jazz and fusion elements.

Featuring a new guitarist, Alex Auburn, who replaced Roy and moving even further with progressive elements, ...And Then You'll Beg (2000) was viewed as being less extreme than Cryptopsy's previous albums.

Martin Lacroix (ex-Spasme) would then depose DiSalvo. None So Live (live) was their 2003 live effort that saw Lord Worm return after release to create the line-up of Lord Worm (vocals), Alex Auburn (rhythm/lead guitars/vocals), Eric Langlois (bass), Flo Mounier (drums/vocals), and Christian Donaldson (rhythm/lead guitar/vocals) for Once Was Not (2006). In 2006 they won the "Best Metal Band In Canada" award at the Vatikan club in Toronto.

Originally to be called "The Book of Suffering", and to be a double album, the next album was halted in mid work when on April 23, 2007, Cryptopsy announced that Lord Worm had been fired from the band and that they were looking for a new vocalist. On December 4, 2007, Cryptopsy revealed the addition of vocalist Matt McGachy, of fellow Montreal heavy metal band 3 Mile Scream, and a new keyboard player, Maggie Durand, to the band. The resulting album was completed as The Unspoken King (2008) and saw the inclusion of previously-unheard elements such as the incorporation of a clean vocal style.

In early February 2009, guitarist Alex Auburn announced his departure from the band, saying that there were numerous reasons for his leaving, and that he and the rest of the band agreed with the departure. Jon Levasseur would return. Additionally, bassist Eric Langlois also decided to take a break with Youri Raymond taking his place. On December 9, 2011, Raymond announced his departure from the band. So, on January 15, 2012, the band announced Olivier Pinard (ex-Neuraxis/ex-Vengeful) would be the new bassist.

After Cryptopsy (2012) and The Best of Us Bleed compilation (2012), the Book of Suffering - Tome I EP (2015) and The Book of Suffering - Tome II EP followed in 2018, and just in case you didn't collect those previous two EPs, the The Book of Suffering - Tome I & II compilation was also released in 2018.


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