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Urchin (1974-1980): a Hard Rock band from London, UK.
Urchin is another band whose legacy intertwines with that of Iron Maiden for it was one of Adrian Smith and Dave Murray's first bands. Murray joined the band after vocalist Dennis Wilcock kicked him out of Iron Maiden when 'Maiden was in its infant years. But when he rejoined Iron Maiden, they also asked Smith to join, but he initially refused because he thought his future with Urchin was the course to take, but after Urchin disbanded he conceded and joined Iron Maiden.

Starting in 1974, Urchin was known for its hard rock style reminiscent of early NWOBHM but left the scene in 1980 just as that movement was reaching its apex releasing only two singles in the form of Black Leather Fantasy (1977) and She`s A Roller (1978).

Originally featuring Adrian Smith (guitar (1974-1980), vocals (1977-1980)), Barry Tyler (drums), Maurice Coyne (guitar), John Hoye (bass), the line-up would shift to the aforementioned Dave Murray (guitar, who would only stay one year, 1977-78, before being replaced with Andy Barnett), David Hall (vocals), Alan Levett (bass) and Richard Young (keyboards).

On 19 December 1985 Smith organized a reunion of his mates and performed the live recording The Entire Population of Hackney at the Marquee Club in London along with Nicko McBrain.

In 1992, Smith returned again to get together some of his A.S.a.P. bandmates to form The Untouchables. This lasted until 1994 when he reformed as Psycho Motel.

Long after the band's demise, three posthumous albums were released in the form of Urchin (2004), Urchin - High Roller (2010) and Urchin - Get Up and Get Out (2012) as well as two unofficial live recordings.Footnote: The Entire Population of Hackney is archived with Iron Maiden.


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Nation UK
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Genre Hard Rock
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Active Years 1974-1980
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