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G.B.H. (1978-present): a Punk band from Birmingham, England, UK.
GBH (the letters stand for Grievous Bodily Harm), along with Discharge, Broken Bones, The Exploited and The Varukers were early pioneers of English street punk, often nicknamed "UK82". GBH went on to influence several punk rock and metal bands, including the early Bathory albums; the name GBH was inspired by then-bassist Sean McCarthy's (R.I.P. 1980) trial for the crime of grievous bodily harm. Indeed, that line-up would remain stable, except for the drum stool, throughout their history with CalĀ (Real Name: Colin Abrahali; vocals), Colin "Jock" Blyth (guitar), Andrew "Wilf" Williams (drums) and Ross Lomas (bass; who replaced McCarthy when he died in 1980).

These Mohawk wearing "Oi" punks saw their debut manifest as a violent EP Leather, Bristles, Studs, And Acne (1981). Their brutal three-chord attack would continue on to give them a 17 US with their debut album Baby Attacked By Rats (1982). This, it would turn out, was their only hit for they were forced aside by the prevailing NWOBHM and speed metal movements and so after shortening their name to just GBH and releasing Midnight Madness and Beyond (1986), No Need To Panic (1987), A Fridge Too Far (1989) and From Here To Reality (1990), GBH gradually switched to a decidedly more metallic/speed metal approach with Church of the Truly Warped (1992) featuring Joseph "Fish" Montanaro on drums who would only occupy the role for 2 years before Scott Preece assumed the role.

Their speed metal transformation experiment didn't last very long and by the time Kai Reder replaced Williams, they had reverted back to their UK82 style for the release of Punk Junkies (1996), Ha Ha (2002), Cruel and Unusual (2004), Perfume and Piss (2010) and Momentum (2017).

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Nation UK
City Birmingham, England
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Genre Punk
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Active Years 1978-
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