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Blue Oyster Cult (1967-1986, 1987-present): a Hard Rock band from Stony Brook, Long Island, New York, USA.
Originally to be named Soft White Underbelly, Blue Oyster Cult with the original membership of Eric Bloom (vocals/"stun" guitar), Buck Roeser (Real Name: Donald Rosier; vocals/guitar), Allen Lanier (guitar/keyboards), Joe Bouchard (bass/vocals) and Albert Bouchard (drums/vocals) then renamed themselves as Stalk-Forrest Group and signed to 'Elektra' where they released one 45 titled What Is Quicksand/Arthur Comics, the accompanying album was rejected, however.

It would be in 1971 when they officially renamed themselves Blue Oyster Cult and secured a contract with 'Columbia' to release two promo-metal classic albums of tight and melodic tracks titled Blue Oyster Cult (1972) and Tyranny And Meditation (1973). The music, however, got predictable with the follow-up Secret Treaties (1974).

Agents of Fortune (1976) saw a return to their psychedelic roots with the track (Don't Fear) The Reaper; the album made 26 UK/29 US with the song making 16 in the UK on its own; the album as a whole becoming their first platinum. Spectres (1977) failed to match the predecessor, however, at least as far as sales were concerned despite featuring the radio hit Godzilla and I Love The Night and Goin' Through The Motions. The album offered gold status.

Although it was originally intended as another double-live album like On Your Feet or on Your Knees (1975), 'Columbia' demanded it be reduced to q single-album. Despite this shortcoming Some Enchanted Evening (1978) proved to be a resounding success.

As the 1970s wore on their music became an ever more clichéd cleaner cut hard rock sound that managed to get them mid range charting positions, at least until the early 1980s but not much else. Mirrors (1979), Cultosaurus Erectus (1980), Fire of Unknown Origin (1981), Extraterrestrial Live (1982; live) and The Revolution By Night (1983), the later albums incorporating new wave elements and synthesizers.

Before the 45 charting release of Club Ninja (1985) Tony Zvonchek (ex-Aldo Nova; keyboards) joined to replace Lanier while Tommy Price replaced Downey. Another line-up followed after the release with Albert Bouchard being added to make another vocal/guitar/percussion spot, while Allen Lanier returned to relieve Zvonchek for Imaginos (1988). But seeing the albums not even managing the modest charting positions of the past more line-up changes ensued with Jon Rogers replacing Joe Bouchard on the 1989 tour and Chuck Burgi stepping in the replace Ron Riddle who had only recently replaced Rick Downey.

Their "best of..." compilation Cult Classic (1994) saw them leaving their major label backers for indie 'Fragile' but it would be their last effort for they split shortly later.

They would reform in 1996 with the line-up of Lanier, Bloom and Dharma along with new member Bobby Rondinelli (ex-Black Sabbath/ex-Rainbow/ex-Riot; drums) and Danny Miranda (bass) to release Heaven Forbid (1998) on the 'CMC' label, followed up with the soundtrack for Bad Channel (1999) and Curse of the Hidden Mirror (2001) and A Long Day's Night (2002) to little notice, their prime long since gone.

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Publicity photo for Blue Öyster Cult (Columbia Records, 1977) of the lineup that lasted from 1971 to 1981. L-R: Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser (white shirt); behind him Eric Bloom (sunglasses); Albert Bouchard; Allen Lanier; Joe Bouchard. Photo by: Eric Meola, Columbia Records.

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